English Village in Korea is seeking English teachers - All the fun of teaching in Korea without any of the hassle!

English Village in Korea is seeking English teachers - All the fun of teaching in Korea without any of the hassle!

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2018

What is Seoul English Village?
There is an English village camp-based educational environment. There is no such thing as Hagwons that have not heard much. Is it work? Is it nobody's parent? Are you a difficult student to suffer from throughout the year? Once all the fun of education in Korea without hassle. No extra time. There are no classes planned every day. The manager does not sit on his neck because the parents appealed that the student is not doing a good job. We have two campuses, Suyu and Nowon. They are very close to each other.

Details of experience:
Time required for class 1: 45 minutes (15 minutes break between classes)
Year 2: From kindergarten to adult (mostly kindergarten, elementary school)
3. Class size: 13-15 students (in the case of group activities such as sports, games, indoor games, etc., the teacher may need to teach several classes at the same time). You will receive group management training during your first training period.
Fourth: From 8:40 to 17:15 the morning shift shift teacher, 20:30 pm until 1:30 pm shifts (shifts are granted according to personal preference or rotation).
5. Attitude: English village teachers must have an active and fun personality to adapt to the style of our class.
Preparation: Although the lesson plans and textbooks are prepared for you, it is your responsibility to review these plans and textbooks in advance.
7. Programming: Teachers with free lessons are expected to help with teacher preparation materials and classrooms.
8. Learning Plan: During the assigned "development period", the teacher works with the program team to develop new lesson plans and textbooks, including PowerPoint presentations.

service :
1. Salary: 2.0 ~ 2.2 million won. (Which may be higher depending on qualifications and experience)
Second vacation: 15 days paid vacation. You can earn more in high season.
3. Insurance: 50/50 contribution to the doctor and pension
4. Accommodation: I live on campus. Couple accommodation available. Internet and laundry services are available.
5. Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served during campus stay.
6. Flights: Prepaid tickets will be provided in Korea. Once your one-year contract is completed, your ticket will be delivered to your home.
7. Korean classes: Studying Korea at half price of YBM headquarters.
8. Pension Refund: You can use American, Australian, or Canadian.
9. Reward: After the annual contract expires. (Corresponding to monthly salary)

start date :
1. Start date: Will be inaugurated in April / May 2018. The teacher should arrive 2-3 days before the first working day. There are still three positions.

Requirements :
1. Please bring a valid passport in the following English speaking countries. USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa
2. Obtain at least BA / BS degree in the area
3. Copy of Graduation Certificate: This must be a proven ark.
At the national level, review of criminal police background: should be issued within six months, and an Ark must be provided.
Self-assessment of health: It must be right.
When you arrive in Korea, you need medical records from a specific hospital. If the self-assessment is inaccurate or misjudged, the teacher may be deported.
6. Be a native speaker
7. Teachers with full TEFL or TESOL (and / or teaching experience) will prioritize the selection process.

To access our website, please visit http://suyu.sev.go.kr/experience/view.asp.

For more information, please contact Geoff Marcum (marcumgd@gmail.com).
To apply, please send the following email address to your previous email address:
1. Continue
2. A scanned copy of the passport information page
3. Your scanned copy of your diploma
4. Teachers who already have teaching experience should provide references
Letter from previous employer and / or employment confirmation.
* Entries can not be submitted without the necessary documents.
5. A self-introduction letter explaining your educational philosophy and explaining why you would like to apply for it.

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