Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea is looking for English Editor & Academic Coordinator

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea is looking for English Editor & Academic Coordinator

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2018

Korea Foreign University
Job title editor and graduate coordinator
Term Pay (Full Time - 40 hours a week
Contract period - 1 year) In accordance with the evaluation of employment performance, the period of regeneration - continuous employment exceeds 2 years as stipulated by the defined employment protection law
Transferable salary based on experience
9 am to 7 pm working hours

Founded in 1954 as Korea's first higher education institution for foreign researchers after the Korean War, Korea University was established to promote world peace. Today, HUFS is evolving into an influential university worldwide. HUFS aims to pioneer the future as a world-class institution seeking academic excellence through the integration of disciplines toward the 100th anniversary of its founding.
In order to strengthen this future vision, we are looking for an academic coordinator with a very passionate and experienced experience with the following qualifications and core competencies:
More than a bachelor's degree in a country whose native language is English.
English as a first language (preferably a passport in an English speaking country).
Fluent Korean (preferably Korean);
Outstanding written skills and presentation skills.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Experience helping international students study in Korea and adjust to campus life.
Edit and revise college promotional materials, MOU documents, official documents and related documents, web pages, and English translations of social media.
Conduct research activities and actively participate in team meetings, how to attract international students to international programs such as HUFS International Summer Session.
Attend international conferences or seminars to promote international programs at universities.
Partner universities and government agencies introduce official visitors and senior international programs.

How to apply:
All applicants will receive a detailed curriculum including the names and addresses of at least two judges by Wednesday, August 28, 2010, with a cover for selecting aptitude for entry into the above requirements. March 2018
Only short-term applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted for interview. Confirmation of criminal records is required on condition that you are employed by HUFS. Successful candidates must also submit a certified diploma and transcript of the same certification format.
Employee's terms and conditions are subject to Korean Labor Law regardless of nationality.
Applicants will be required to submit their application for the title of the email submission.
The application deadline is Wednesday, March 28, 2018.
If you have any questions about this job, please contact HR Manager at 02-2173-2164 or email to hrd@hufs.ac.kr

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