Seeking English Language Instructors (ELIs) for Korean public schools throughout Korea

Seeking English Language Instructors (ELIs) for Korean public schools throughout Korea

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What is EPIK?

EPIK is a program funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, which means Korean language programs in Korea. The EPIC program was established in 1995 with the mission of enhancing the English language skills of Korean students and teachers and promoting cultural exchange.

The EPIK program employs more than 1,000 teachers each year in ESL teaching. Reach To Teach is working with the Ministry of Education to teach English to Korean public schools nationwide.

What is SMOE?

SMOE (Seoul City Office of Education) public schools are the most popular in Korea. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is a dynamic and modern city and is active for all. If you want to experience a great Asian city, Seoul is for you. SMOE means the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

This program began in 2005 and began to provide English language education to public school students in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul to meet the native speakers of their native language with the goal of each school. Currently, hundreds of ESL teachers in Korea are teaching SMOE programs.

What is GEPIK?

GEPIK stands for the Korean Competition English Program. Founded in 2003, it teaches English to all public schools in Gyeonggi Province. GEPIK has the highest demand for English classes throughout Korea. This program provides a unique experience for teachers to share their culture and knowledge with students at all ESL Korea schools or at the same time in school.

Why use Reach to compete with EPIK?

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All teachers have the following advantages:

Free accommodation in the program (utility not included)
1.3 thousand registration fee is obtained to buy unilateral ticket
The departure permit will be issued with a bonus of 2 million won
10 days of ESL instruction in Seoul
18 business days plus 13-15 licenses paid on national holidays
Health insurance and pensions, 50% of which are covered by the program
The salaries of teachers who choose to work in rural areas are high
40 lessons per week, about 22 lessons per week
Monday to Friday working hours, free weekend!

Requirements :

Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States passports
Bachelor of Education
Less than 55 years
No criminal record
Mentally and physically healthy

Applicants must have at least one of the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Education
To teach your country a license
Certificate / TESOL / CELTA TEFLEn Over 100 hours (This program is recommended for those who take 20 hours of instruction in class)
1 year full-time faculty experience in TaLK program

* If you earn a degree in another field, you must obtain a TEFL certificate for 100 hours.

Application :

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