English teachers with experiences of having taught English in Korea at after-school private academy

English teachers with experiences of having taught English in Korea at after-school private academy

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I like the teacher who has experience teaching English in Korea and the private school after school "hakwon". Here are some of the advantages and requirements of working in our school.

E2 or F visa holders

Location: Yangpyeong is located in Gyeonggi-do, which is a 30-minute drive east of Seoul. It has an idyllic landscape that combines city and countryside. Many Seoul residents have easy access to extensive bike trails, mountain climbing and a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy the convenience of city amenities. The city has two charming parks surrounded by rivers on the banks of the Handicapped Del Sur and all the amenities you would expect from a relatively developed American city. In addition to UU Korail trains, there are also Gyeongeui-Joongang subway (part of Seoul subway) and recently opened high-speed train (KTX).

Live: Provides a modern and modern life.

Management: The school is owned by Americans (Koreans) and Koreans. They like the liberal leadership style and can use it anytime they need it.

Student: We teach students of all ages, from kindergarten to adult. The size of our class is small, less than 10 in it. Our teacher is seeing the same student from Monday to Friday every day at the same time every day, so we can make a lot of progress in a short time.

Curriculum: We use internationally produced textbooks and teachers are free to teach materials in great discretion. There is room in the curriculum for teachers to implement their ideas.

Tim: We are a small school with a very close team working closely together.

Salary: Negotiable at 2.1 million won

Insurance and pensions: Four important insurances (health, employment, pensions, labor safety) are part of the package and are available.

Dismissal allowance: Employees who work at FSES for more than one year will be entitled to severance pay after retirement.

Holidays - usually two weeks in summer and winter holidays

Time and Conditions: In principle, it is from 10:00 to 19:00, but the day of class ends at 5:30 or 6:00 pm. It depends on your schedule. There is no weekend.

For more information about the school, please visit www.fses.co.jp Please contact us by e-mail (fseschool773@gmail.com) or by phone (031 773 7776). If we have specific questions about working conditions, we would like to apply for a previous teacher.

If you are applying for a position, please send your CV to fseschool773@gmail.com.

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