Hikoreaedu is looking for ESL teachers across South Korea

Hikoreaedu is looking for ESL teachers across South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hello Korea! Hello ESL teacher!
Trustworthy and reliable employment agency in Korea, HiKoreaEdu!

********** Late review from HiKoreaEdu **********
Hikoro Dyu is a good distributor and helped me to take my first step to Korea in search of a job. They gave me four interviews a few days after my first entry and gave me good advice on what level of teaching (both age and ability) is best for them.
In addition, dealers and recruiters Rachel is very helpful in areas that are not normally part of the job of the recruiting organization. I received general advice that my visa application was very convenient because I was personally interested and had problems with the start of the application process and was needed after my recruitment. It also shows that pick-up at the airport is a warm welcome in the country and that the agent is really concerned about the entrant.
In general, my Hikoro Dude and experience is overwhelmingly positive and I recommend people who are looking for teaching in Korea.
Thank you!
From Bradley

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Q: How do I apply?
Please send your resume and current photo to hikoreaedu@naver.com
Please tell us your professional tastes (location, age, working hours, etc.) as much as possible. This is very useful for finding a job in Korea.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 82-2-535-6264 or 82-70-4131-6264.
Please visit our website at www.hikoreaedu.com.

Q: Who can obtain an E2 visa in Korea?
Teachers in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can only get E2 visas that teach English in Korea.

Please answer the following questions when applying for HiKoreaEdu.
1. Available start dates
2. Can I send all documents directly?
Third nationality
Four years old
Do you have tattoos that are not covered with clothing? If so, please teach me more
6. Do you have any educational experience?
7. Skype ID
8. Where you want to go (if you are outside of Seoul, please let me know)
9. Preferred age group
10. More information you want to share

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