Recruiting English teachers in Korea to start teaching on Monday, 7/30

Recruiting English teachers in Korea to start teaching on Monday, 7/30

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, April 8, 2018

E-Spirit Institute Inc. has two strongholds in Seocho and Aoguchi-dong (Igujong) in the intensive writing school founded in 2003. We are currently recruiting a teacher who works on Monday, July 30. Start the lesson (training starts Monday, July 23). We can also use PT operation.

There are all sorts of institutions in Korea that provide all sorts of experiences. Some offer good money at a better time. There is also a vacation in return for training courses and documentation for teachers.

E-Spirit provides teachers with exceptional teaching methods and hands-on experience. Before the teacher takes part in the course, they work with an experienced coach who shows how to get along with Korean children and become a requested professor in Korea. E-Spirit teachers can enjoy a work environment that is recognized as one of the most outstanding academies in Korea. E-Provide an environment for those who are eager to maximize the Holy Spirit students and the best teachers.

E-Spirit offers:

* Lower class (elementary school): Up to 8 students in the classroom ensure a pleasant learning environment in which the teacher actually knows the students.
* Fully developed curriculum: We have self-tests, vocabulary lists, textbooks, and materials ready for students.
* New Teacher Training and Cooperation: Our goal is to give you the confidence you need to teach.
* Communication: We have adopted an open policy that allows us to hire a Western manager in English and make everything possible for teachers to be comfortable.
* Stability and Comfort: We provide a stable schedule throughout the year from Monday to Friday, from 2 pm to 9:30 pm, from 6 pm to 8 pm.
* Reliability: E-Spirit does not have to worry about other institutions' suspicious practices. On average, our teachers will last for two or three years.

Our advantages:

* Monday to Thursday. Full time:

2.0 based + (600,000 won spring semester performance bonus fall semester performance bonus of 600,000 won) + Personal learning style accommodation


2.5 + (600,000 KRW Spring Term Performance Bonus, KRW 600,000 Bonus for Fall Term)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---

* One-month compensation bonus when contract is concluded
* Flights to Korea
* 8-day vacation
* All Korean holidays are exchanged or exchanged (1.5 times extra payment if it works)
* 50/50 health insurance and dental insurance
* Matching pension benefits! (Reunion to the teacher at the Korean pension office at the end of the contract) A nice tightening program! )

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---

In Korean educational games, the act of faith of employees and employers is necessary. In terms of employees: Does the employer keep his word? And the employer: Is the employee the best after hiring?

The e-spirit is trying to keep the risk of both parties to a minimum by building trust for both teachers and prospects. We may not be working in the end, but we want you to be a trusted place to seek advice and faculty perspectives in Korea.

If you are interested in getting more information, please send your CV and scanned passport to:

Minimum qualification:

* Must have a four-year bachelor's degree (all fields) in an English speaking country
* Need a clean criminal record
* Persistent, flexible and keen fun, serious and dedicated people who really enjoy working with children.

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