JEJU Nice afternoon school in Jeju, Korea is looking for English teachers for May or June in 2018

JEJU Nice afternoon school in Jeju, Korea is looking for English teachers for May or June in 2018

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 9, 2018

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Why choose Jeju Island?
Jeju Island with subtropical climate, scenic beach and mountain topography provides a healthy alternative to polluting crowded continental cities in South Korea. For those who want to do event hiking on the more active lifestyle, Jeju Golf, Tennis, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Frisbee, Surfing, Mountain Climbing and Hantayan, the highest mountain in Korea. New immigrants, Jeju people are also always friendly to a friendly and intimate foreign community. If you are teaching English in Korea and are looking for a balanced adventure that loves nature, Jeju is the place for you.

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<Comfortable night school with all usual working conditions>

The first comfortable night school, "Hawaii of Korea": ​​men and women
The director is very kind and I can work with other foreign teachers. They will be able to live better as you work.
In this school we will focus on a novel that serves as a teacher's role to help teachers understand and discuss children's novels in detail. (Great school for English enthusiasts)
In this school, we read books with children, asking the following understanding questions and explaining the answer in English.
The location is very close to viewing of the most popular city hall and there are many restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers and so on. Accommodation is located in front of the city hall in the center of the school district.
I strongly recommend you and I am confident that I will be happy at school.

There are work conditions that can be referred (all conditions are standard)
1st place: Jeju Island Jeju Island
2. Start date: May 1, 2018 or May 15 - 21 or June 4 th
3. Number of foreigners: 2 or 3 people
4. Educational objectives: Elementary school and several media
5. Number of classes: 6-12 persons in each class
6 hours working: 2: 30 ~ 8: 30 p. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 3: 30 ~ 9: 30 p. M. Tuesday, Thursday
7. Salary: 2.2 to 2.3 million won
8. Air ticket or 1.0 M allowance
9. Living expenses: Single apartment or housing allowance
10. Other advantages: 50/50 health insurance, national pension, retirement allowance (equivalent to 1 month salary)
11. Holidays: 10 days All holidays

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Contact Information
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Pilsun Jung (Director)
Email address:
J. E. Advice (website:
Phone: 82-064-900-4591 (Korea)
Cell: 82-010-4579-4591 (Korea)
Fax: 0303-3442-4591

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