Recruiting experienced, qualified candidates to fill positions as non-tenure track EFL assistant professors in Korea

Recruiting experienced, qualified candidates to fill positions as non-tenure track EFL assistant professors in Korea

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

As of September, 2018, Woosung University is looking for experienced and competent candidates as an assistant professor for part-time teachers.

Requirements and qualifications
Candidates can contact only those who meet these requirements:
- Must meet the requirements of status E-2 or F.
- A postgraduate master's degree (preferably in education, English or linguistics) and two years of demonstrable English language teaching experience
- A doctoral degree or EdD experience is considered, but not required.

Experience is as follows:
- Full-time English classes at universities, colleges, or corporations (not private academies)
- Non-Korean elementary or secondary education is accepted as an educational license.
- Explicit data or employment certificate and letters from your employer

Job Description
Subsequent assistant professor, General English (GEL)
- Teach a variety of English classes and credit in a foreign language
- 20 hours per week for professional development, 4 hours in the office and 2 hours in 2 weeks. Classes are held from Monday to Friday in the morning, afternoon and evening.

* GEL bilingual professors (in Korean and English) who can translate and translate can get the opportunity of management work.

Access content
- 2,700,000 ~ 3,500,000 won per month

- Permit for migration of 40,000 won per day
Applicants currently living outside of Korea.
- Flight Grand for all elementary education teachers (300,000 won for the first year and 700,000 won for the contract).
- Additional pay will be awarded with the signing of a two-year contract and the subsequent annual contract award.
- live :
One teacher will provide half-rent apartments near the campus (subject to availability). Or $ 400 per month in housing benefits *.
A spouse or family member with a family member will receive a monthly housing allowance of 500,000 won. If two teachers are working as a married couple, the couple will receive two copies of 400,000 won.
* Housing subsidies do not include money, but provide loans for monetary loans to right-wing employees.
- Holidays - 6 weeks pay
- Basic Health Insurance: National Health Insurance
- about 8% of your monthly salary
Mentoring program for newcomers to Korea and Woosung
- Discount for teachers with 40% of Kunso-ku kindergarten for children

- One year contract from September 1. (Playable with satisfactory performance)

Graduate programs offered
Woo Sung is a graduate of the MA TESOL-MALL Graduate School of Woo Sung University (, provides discounts on multimedia lectures in other languages, Bachelor of Business Administration (MBA) from SolBridge Business School ( Both programs are conducted exclusively in English.

Application Procedure
First evaluation: self introduction, curriculum vita jewels passport page scan, test of the right wing employment committee: insert Applications are reviewed and those who meet the dominance requirements are redirected to an introductory session. For application size, we may not be able to respond to all of them. Thank you for your patience.

Wonsong University requires the original and health report of the State Criminal Investigation Diploma. Health checkups require a health checkup in Korea for tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, and drug use evaluation.
For more information, please visit

Wooseo recruitment committee

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