American-owned English school in Korea needs English teacher ASAP in Seongbuk (Central Seoul)

American-owned English school in Korea needs English teacher ASAP in Seongbuk (Central Seoul)

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

More information :
10 am - 8:15 pm Monday / Wednesday / Friday (including paid arrangements)
10 am - 7:30 pm Tuesday to Thursday (including paid arrangements)

2.8 ~ 3.0 million won (depending on the grade)
Benefits offered:
- Single room, non-common furniture furniture
- Prepaid service to Korea
- Compensation after 1 year contract
- National Health Insurance: 50%
- There is no weekend course.
- Unpartitioned layer
- No internet / phone classes
- Reserved fixed training blocks (can not be taught beyond the scheduled time).

About the school:
The Korea Times has been awarded the Best Brand Award from the best nursery school in the last eight years. Our students have won numerous awards in national aptitude tests. Won the Academy Award.
There are many campuses in Korea. We have gained a good reputation among teachers and parents, and many of our teachers have resigned several times. Our program is well developed (many curriculum of my faculty members) and we are offering a very good salary and benefits package.

About Seongbuk Campus:
At the only English academy in Korea, it is probably the Sungbuk Poly that POLY and non-Korean teachers are running. This is not an uncomfortable communication problem or a cultural situation. I spent a long time teaching in POLY in 2001 and using the same textbooks that teachers have used since. Some of our employees have been with me for several years and are pleased to help you.
Seongbuk is the traditional center of Seoul. So, we are close to everything we want to experience in the city, such as college, nightlife, nature, traditional attractions.
Explore the area in Google Earth:
37 ° 35'30.10 "N 127 ° 0'43.93" E
Check out YouTube's kindergarten speech (search: Seongbuk Poly)
Ideal candidates:
Ideal candidates have a degree in Education, English, Communication, or Linguistics. Parenting experience and parenting experience are almost essential. He / she is a mixture of three main elements: love, training, and intelligence. Korean children are a little weaker than their Western cousins ​​and some love is going away. I am saying this quality is "soft", but the teacher seems to be kind to me without giving it to the students, so the teacher really stresses the need to take care of the students. Discipline is necessary to keep our disciples trained as well as to meet our tight schedule (it remains friendly). There are many reasons why intelligence is needed, but I hope most of them are clear. He knows that even if he is away from home, this is not a vacation. Many people have experience in EFL. I look forward to such an effort. In particular, he must love having a child. Because it is everything.

Required Documents:
° original diploma (and a copy of the Ark (USA) or stamp of the Korean Embassy (Canada))
° Warriors: No need to seal for our purposes
° Passport (valid for up to 6 months)
° Identify the background of the crime on the stamps of the Ark (US) or the Korean Embassy (Canada)
° Have a medical examination / blood test on arrival in Korea
If you are interested in the position, please email timgorin @ Please enter "applicant" in the title for faster processing.

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