Seeking to fill the full time English teaching positions in Korea

Seeking to fill the full time English teaching positions in Korea

Date of Job Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018

Westminster Canadian Academy (WCA) We are a small community in the beautiful nature above the trees and hills near the subway station Seonbawi Line 4 is a unique Koopu education growing in Gwacheon (close to all Seoul) flowers and gardens. We have native tongues for Canadian, Korean and other international students. The WCA follows the Canadian provincial curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

We currently want to complete the next full-time internship:

* Beginning Teacher Grades 1-6

* English teacher MS / HS

* MS / HS Master of Science (Chemical Biology)

* Art teachers (all grades)

* Physical education teachers (all grades)

* ESL / HS Business Master

* Kindergarten teachers (need to obtain a degree in early childhood education)

* Gardeners (obtain a degree in early childhood education and speak English and Korean)

employ :

Interested applicants

Educational level;
Teaching the certification of a country or province.
You can apply for an E-2 visa for a kindergarten that maintains an F visa.

The WCA provides monthly health insurance coverage for banks and very small classes (based on educational and guidance experience), paid leave (as in Canada on Korean holidays), retirement pension, and lunch organic time. The class schedule is from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Cover letters, CVs, and any references will be forwarded next.

Donkin (Direcor)

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