UNESCO Global Peace Village in Ichoen, Korea is looking for 2 English teachers

UNESCO Global Peace Village in Ichoen, Korea is looking for 2 English teachers

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2018

UNESCO World Peace Village (GPV) founded in 2008 is a cooperative mechanism for UNESCO (KNCU) and Ichon's Korea Committee. Since taking office in 2008, GPV provides a unique educational environment in English, preparing students to become global citizens.

Contact students: I believe that GPV teachers can stimulate every class. All classroom classes are valuable and all students may succeed. Our program offers rich courses such as cooking, sports and pottery.

Where and where to teach: GPV is affiliated with public elementary schools in the city. Education is a privilege, and we know more than 2,500 elementary school students throughout the year. GPV teachers show that they can teach English together in Korea. Because students stay from one week (Monday to Friday), there are camping environments where various activities are possible, not limited to the classroom.

Description: GPV teacher is a curriculum designer. Our curriculum is practical and relevant and can be used immediately when speaking English.
Here is the creative idea of ​​the teacher.
● UNESCO's Values: Peace, Culture, Environment, World Heritage, Small UN
● Culture Box Project: Through international cultural exchanges with schools around the world, you can understand Korea and other cultures.
● Various topics such as camping and social networks: Learn how to use SNS to speak various aspects of social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter.
● Cultural experience program: Easter culture, Halloween program, Christmas tradition

Conclusion Our curriculum makes English easy and everyone can learn. No creative limit

Community: GPV is a creative and dynamic place. We want to keep relationships interesting and in different cultures (America, Canada, South Africa, UK) and have fun.

Currently I am seeking professors in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Canada.

Process conditions
● 2 English professors are available: As soon as possible
● Weekend program offers overtime / overtime work on weekends option
● Two different layers. (Weekly shift: 9 AM - 6 PM / night: 12 AM - 9 PM)
"1 hour break at lunch
"30 hours of weekly lesson
● Up to 17 small classes
● Seoul can be easily reached from Seoul and Ichon with a bus about 50 km.

Beneficiary: Korean teachers and staff at GPV receive salaries and benefits per person from HA.
● Basic salary: Monthly salary including meal fee (150,000 won)
● Holidays 14 days
● Return of returned fare
● Employment compensation (after a one-year contract is established)
● Accommodation (Single room with private bathroom)
● Basic household expenses are paid in groups (electricity, air conditioning, internet access, water service).
● According to the Korean Labor Law, health insurance, national pension, unemployment benefits are allowed.
● Refreshing the contract will receive a 5-day refund and a round-trip ticket to your country of origin.

And more!

Application procedure:
Please visit the website below, download the application form, and send it along with the envelope to noorilee@gpvunesco.or.kr or bd303639@naver.com.

GPV website: http: //gpv.unesco.or.kr/en/community/notice.php

** We will review only applicants including cover letter and application documents.

Ms. Noori Lee
Korea, World Peace Village
Website: http: //gpv.unesco.or.kr
E-mail: noorilee@gpvunesco.or.kr
Phone: 82 31 637 9840 Fax: 82 31 637 9894
Address: Ichikawa-shi, Kyunggi-do 470 Tokuheiji 167

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