Certified English teachers who have previous teaching experience are needed in South Korea

Certified English teachers who have previous teaching experience are needed in South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2018


KnK International Home School in Bundang, Seoul's suburbs, is looking for qualified teachers in their native language to teach after July 30, 2018.

This is the perfect job for a teacher to find a good job at an excellent school with the strength of a "standard" system without administrative bureaucracy.

The teacher teaches elementary school and supplementary materials in North America such as social studies in standard texts in these language schools, texts in science and mother tongue (Horton Mifflin Harcourt, mathematics, etc.) schools. We use a modified American curriculum for small classes (up to eight students per class). Most students study abroad and live abroad. Students are from Year 1 to Year 9 in public / private schools in Korea.

We prioritize qualified teachers who already have teaching experience in the United States. UU. Take it to Canada and / or another country.

Qualification :
* native speaker
* BA / BS (or above) in basic education, English (literature)
* It is desirable to be a teacher, but it is considered a combination of TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certification and work experience.

Working conditions
* Up to 22.5-25 lessons per week (maximum 30 teachers 45-50 minutes per teacher) and works from Monday to Friday 5 days a week. There is no Saturday course except for RARE.
* Detailed working hours
Monday through Friday at 1:30 pm M. (fastest on a regular basis) - until 10 pm. M. (Later Regular Schedule) / During the semester, our class starts at 4 p. Ends at 9:30 am
* No split change
Our Strength Between Summer and Winter: Classes are held from Monday to Friday at 21:30 am and 12:30 am, so teachers usually have a chance to collect large overtime during August and January There is a chance).

Salary: monthly salary quarterly bonuses and retirement benefits
* The basic salary is determined by the candidates' education, qualifications, and teaching experience (2.55-275,000 won per month).
* Quarterly "Advantages" bonus will be awarded at the end of each trimester according to the teacher's grade over the past three months.
(600,000 extra points for this quarter)

※ After a one-year contract is concluded, compensation will be paid (equivalent to one-month base salary).
* Comfortable and practical individual furnished houses
* If you do not need an apartment, you will receive a monthly housing subsidy of 500,000 won.
* Return price
Benefits and Taxes
* Overtime hours are 20,000 won per hour
* 4 weeks paid holidays and all national holidays
* Health insurance premiums and national pension are shared
* Income tax is generally deducted at the national rate

Required Documents:
* Scanned copies (our files do not need originals)
* A sign explaining your goals and motivations for teaching in Korea
* Continue to current picture
* One college diploma. This is for Canadians notarized by the Korean Consulate. You must notify someone else of your diploma. Again, scan / copy is normal in the first application. The Korean Ministry of Education can ask for a diploma before arrival.
* Copy of passport page with date of birth and nationality
* Two referrals from previous employers.
* A copy of the teacher's certificate (optional, but recommended)
* Health status of the applicant (Please note that the application has been completely resumed by the immigration examination after the application)
* Criminal record certificate. Again, the scan is normal in the first application.
(You need to prepare a certificate in advance to accept KnK status, which requires a federal check).

All documents can be sent by post or e-mail. If you do not submit all the necessary documents, the recruitment process will not start.

Please submit all documents to our guidance service only after you have prepared them.
It is also important to update the latest Korean laws and regulations on employment and immigration. It is strongly recommended that you contact the nearest Korean Consulate to check for recent changes.
It is also a good idea to visit our website (in English) to learn more about our locations, teachers, and programs in advance.

Website: www.knkschool.com/intro

For more information about jobs, contact Sam Kim or Jonathan Cha (recruiter@knkschool.com).
address :
KnK International Homeschool
603 Kwang-Chun Plaza, Dolmaro 46, Bundang-gu,
Korea 13630 Sungnam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

This is a great job to work in a fun and professional environment. Many qualified applicants are expected to apply soon.
Tel: 82-31-716-6778
Fax: 82-31-713-6778

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