Public school in Korea is looking for an English teacher, High pay positions, After school, Couple positions

Public school in Korea is looking for an English teacher, High pay positions, After school, Couple positions

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello, Korea! ESL teacher!
Reliable and reliable recruiting agency in South Korea, HiKoreaEdu!

********** HiKoreaEdu Members' Rating **********
Hikoreaedu is a wonderful agency and it helped a great deal in searching for work and taking the first step to South Korea. They hosted me four interviews a few days after applying for the first time and gave me good advice on the best level of education (both age and ability).
Also, the agency, and in particular the recruiter Rachel, has given much aid in areas that are not usually part of the recruitment agency's technology. She became very useful for a visa application which became a problem in the course of support from the beginning, she was personally interested and gave general advice necessary after the promised time. It is also very welcoming to get a pick-up service from the airport and it shows that the agency is truly bearing in mind the applicant.
Generally, my experience with Hickory Edutte was overwhelmingly positive. I will urge people taught in Korea to contact them.
Thank you!
Bradley is from

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Question: How do you apply?
Please send your resume and current picture to
It is very convenient to find a job in Korea if you let me know as much as possible the setting of workplace environment (priority area, working hours etc.).
If you have any questions, please contact 82-2-535-6264 or 82-70-4131-6264 at any time.
Please visit our website

Question: Who can receive E2 visas in Korea?
Teachers in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can only receive E2 visas for teaching English in Korea.

When asking for work at HiKoreaEdu, please answer the following questions.
1. Start date is possible
2. Are you ready to send all the documents?
Third nationality
5. Do you have tattoos that can not be covered with clothes? Next, please tell me in detail.
6. Do you have any educational experience?
7. Skype ID
8. Preferred place (Please inform me in case of departure from Seoul)
9. Desired age
10. Information you want to share

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