Looking for English teachers, We specialize in the ESL Job industry in Korea

Looking for English teachers, We specialize in the ESL Job industry in Korea

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello, rival!

Are you looking for ways to earn money with familiarity with Asian culture and change the reputation to educational career at the same time?

Here I will make all things match!

Our company specializes in Korean ESL industry. We trained many Korean teachers in 12 years. Most of them spend a lot of time in Korea. We wish to be an excellent helper to help customers find the right place.

We provide services until we get the job done. Also, I will take care even after I have finished my internship.

There are no additional cards for this exclusive service.
If you are interested in this news, please let me know as shown below.
- Citizenship (US, California, UK, GO, AU, NZ)
- Current position
- Birthday
Political situation
- Phone number and Skype ID (for interview):
- Updated information
- Photos, smiling places
- Passover gust of wind
- Diploma Scan
- Background of early apostille control crime (issued within 6 months)

* For US teachers
Review of criminal career needs to be done directly by FBI and FBI.
Discussion of the record of FBI issued by an independent institution or channel approved by the FBI will be applied.
(Canada only)
- notarized copy
- Presentation of criminal records notary (issued within 6 months)

If you are interested in the following places, please contact us as follows.

Please consider the list of suggested articles as follows.

Please email your resume and photos as described below.

Stacy Van
THE: + 82-2-532-4273
My Skype ID: stacybang87

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