We are looking to add to our team of 15+ native English teachers, starting March, 2019 in South Korea

We are looking to add to our team of 15+ native English teachers, starting March, 2019 in South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2018

As of March 2019, we might want to fortify the group of 15 local English instructors. For more data about us, kindly visit gangnamenglishacademy.com/instructor.

The educator deals with the kindergarten for 5, 6 or 7 years of age from 9:30 to 2:30 consistently and rests for lunch. It tends to be utilized to take courses, for example, program time, sports, science, craftsmanship, and heating. Toward the evening, the instructor encourages a two-hour class and closures at a normal of 6 pm. Some subsequent projects are shorter than 3:00 or 5:00.

Our school is altogether different from other Hagwonen. Established by a couple in the US and Sweden in 2013, it is a fun domain with numerous diversions and exercises, composing, composing, science, writing, human science, talk, and exercise designs. Site: You can peruse more at GangnamEnglishAcademy.com.

This isn't crafted by the individuals who pursue the development of the class, however the content. Our educators are wise, dynamic, experienced, imaginative and enthusiastic. We esteem elite instructors, regard them as experts, and reward them in like manner.

Prerequisites :

Youngsters 's Educational Experience in Korea.

Familiar and local English

Love to youngsters, great disposition, adaptable personality, attempt new ways.

An innovative way to deal with taking care of issues and benefitting as much as possible from your kids.

It is savvy, fun, agreeable and enthusiastic.

repair :

Month 3,300,000krw relies upon the timetable. In the second year, it will increment by 150,000.

Medical coverage and benefits protection

Regularly scheduled installment toward the finish of the agreement.

You can see the convenience, yet the educator can pick where to live and set a financial plan. We pay 5 million crowns from the fundamental sum and deduct the pay.

21-day paid recreation including get-aways.

By and large, the working hours are around 40 hours of the week (noon 9: 30 ~ 6: 00 M-F) and around 25 hours out of each week.

We are situated in Su - Jeong - dong by Doosan Park.

To apply for one of these occupations, if it's not too much trouble send your resume to jobs@gangnamenglishacademy.com

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