Saint Paul Jinju Campus in Korea is looking for a Western-trained female kindergarten English teacher

Saint Paul Jinju Campus in Korea is looking for a Western-trained female kindergarten English teacher

Date of Job Posted: Monday, November 5, 2018

Have an incredible day! We are a universal school (NISS ensured) in St. Paul's Pearl grounds in excellent pearls in Korea. As of now, we have in excess of 25 full teachers from Canada, England, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, South America and Australia. It is love to adjust our group full-time educators who are knowledgeable about the classroom. We are searching for a kindergarten educator prepared in the west. You can support this status E-2 visa. We are giving aggressive prizes, and we anticipate proceeding to become together professionally:

A kindergarten house

- - - -

I am searching for a minding kindergarten instructor. This competitor ought to enthuse youthful understudies with energy for instruction. Official correspondence of staff is directed in English. In this manner, I favor local English in Western nations. The partner educator additionally alloted her to the room and she is extremely pleasant. The agreement time frame is debatable, yet the other year I need to get an applicant. On the off chance that you are keen on expansion numbers, we will act. Around 24 exercises for each week.

A decent educator can join an extraordinary group along these lines. Since the Early Childhood Education Department has an office head who works specifically with you, it isn't only a plan of class or action. Schools have a great deal of assistance since they have essential instruction and secondary schools. I don't delay to get in touch with me specifically for the occasion of the day. I need to talk by telephone, email or Skype.

1. Capabilities

- First Master

- obligation

- F-4, F-5, F-6 Visaruta

- Possibility of sponsorship of E-2 visa

2. Vocations

- Location: Korea Pearl

- Start date: January/February 2018

- Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

3. Points of interest

- Tuition 2.9 months + Accommodation (close to the school in the Innovative City)

- Accommodation (settlement) or sponsorship of 500,000 won for every month

- Paid excursions [Open all through the year]: somewhere around 7 days for each spring/summer/winter get-away

- Date and Time: All national occasions in Korea and some national occasions in the United States.

Contact us via the following email address:

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