Kyungdong University in Korea(Yangju, Wonju and Goseong) is seeking full-time English instructors

Kyungdong University in Korea(Yangju, Wonju and Goseong) is seeking full-time English instructors

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Kyungdong University

Kyung Dong University (KDU), situated in Yangju, Wonju and Goseong, is searching for full-time English instructors.

1. Errand depiction

- Position: Associate Professor

- Department: General Education Department.

- Open: 4

- Professors: English (credit and non-credit)

second grade

a. English as the first language of nationality, for example, USA. USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

b. A graduate degree with over two years of showing knowledge as a full-time employee of a college or doctoral understudy.

c. The proprietor of the TESOL endorsement.

d. Candidates require a legitimate assessment. In the wake of petitioning for financial protection, a man who has not been restored and has a criminal record can not have any significant bearing for this activity.

e. Candidates must not be barred from abroad travel.

3. Application

- Required Documents

a. proceed

b. Synchronous letter

c. Confirmation and Certificate (Bachelor, Master)

d. Profession/Employment Certificate (recorded on the application shape)

e. TESOL Certificate

f. Three-year results list

G. A duplicate of the achievement declared inside three years.

- Magazine: Overview (title of the investigation, title of the magazine, number of creators of the magazine, and other bibliographic data). For online distributions, the principal page of the PDF variant is adequate.

Papers: Other bibliographic data including cover sheet, ISBN of substance page

- All archives aside from the duplicate of execution (g) must be sent by email or confirmed mail submitted in PDF organize in the above request.

e. accommodation

a. Application due date: Friday, November 9, 2018 - Monday, November 26, 2018

b. Step by step instructions to exchange: Email check by email.

(Two proposals):

- E-mail:

4. Affirm the means.

a. Stage 1: Document audit

b. Stage 2: INTERVIEW (just the individual chose for the meeting will be reached)

5. Other

a. Work conditions are liable to the staff administration tenets of Kyungsang University.

b. The agreement will begin on March 1, 2019.

c. The long stretches of work and business may change because of college issues.

d. In the event that an imperfection is found in the application, the activity contract will be dropped.

e. KDU won't be considered in charge of the burden of the candidate and the absence of contact data.

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