English Center for mainly Elementary students in Korea needs ESL teachers - 3 weeks vacation

English Center for mainly Elementary students in Korea needs ESL teachers - 3 weeks vacation

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Three weeks excursion !! January 2, 2019 (February 1, 2019) Gangwon-do state funded school (English focus)

The English dialect place for understudies is basically fundamental.

They have a (pay in addition to endowment) of more than 0.2 million more than other government funded schools. Gangwon Province is a standout amongst the most well known traveler goals with skiing, mountains, valleys and shorelines on the East Coast.

Note: Anyone who asks for this area now or quickly needs:

* Apostille Certified national criminal record,

* A duplicate of your higher education ark.

* Passport substantial for a half year or more.

* Two previous marks marked by the first manager or teacher or administrator responsible for directing

* 1 University degree earned

Work and business condition abilities

Government-supported government supported state funded schools give dependability, straightforwardness and opportunity in the expert condition kept running by nearby governments. There are 22 exercises for each week (40 minutes for apprentices, 45 minutes for middle school, 50 minutes for secondary school) and energizing experience. Likewise, all ESL instructors in this nation have Korean educators who help with administration procedures and administration of learning.

Rewards and advantages

- Salary 2.1 ~ 2.7 million (in view of EPIK benefits)

- Unit cost 300,000 won

- Travel cash is 2.6 million won.

- Rent free rental.

- 3 weeks of paid leave and all national occasions.

- Country assignment: 100,000 crown for every month.

- Medical gift

- Pension commitments.

- Remuneration (for compensation)

- 7 days extraordinary permit.

- multi day malady leaf

Area: Useful connections

Video: www.jejuesl.com (At the highest point of the page you can watch the 7-minute video of 2009 Gangwon EPIK)

Data about Gangwon Province:


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The chosen candidates must be local speakers of English dialect capability (conceived in English talking nations, for example, Canada, USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) and a college degree. Cleaning of wrongdoings perceived across the nation in the Ark.

Note: Those who require this position require the accompanying: (Exception: educator with E2 or D10 visa in Korea)

* Criminal examination at the national dimension of the Ark (Canada: Notarized wrongdoing confirmation at the Korean Consulate)

* Copy of your advanced education negotiator (Canada: Notarial demonstration of the Korean Consulate)

* Passport legitimate for a half year or more.

* Two unique references to past businesses, chiefs, group pioneers, directors, or educators

* 1 University degree earned

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Email CV, photographs at pilsunjung@jejuesl.com

It demonstrates to you the most punctual begin date and if there is a national criminal record or circumstance.

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Contact Information

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Pilsun Jun (Director)

Email: pilsunjung@jejuesl.com

Skype ID: jps4591

J. E. ConsulorĂ­a (Website: www.jejuesl.com)

Telephone: 064-900-4591 (Korea)

Cell Phone: 010-4579-4591 (Korea)

Fax: 0303-3442-4591

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