Joongbu University in Korea is seeking full-time English instructors to teach English to university students

Joongbu University in Korea is seeking full-time English instructors to teach English to university students

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2018

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(Full-time dialect instructor (outside educator))

As of March 2019, JoongBu University is searching for full-time English instructors and educating English. These are for nonnatives.

Number of Positions per Field





Chungcheong Campus



Goyang Campus



Chungnam Campus: Jungbuk-myeon, Geumsan-firearm, Chungnam/Goyang Campus: Deokseong-eup 305

2. Capabilities

All dialect understudies are required to have a graduate degree and no less than two years of instructive involvement with the establishment (barring non-public schools).

3. How would I apply?

Period secured: November 22, 2018 to December 6, 2018

② All applications must be sent or sent straightforwardly to the location underneath. Enlistment by email and telephone isn't permitted.


201 Classroom (32173)

Office of instruction. Korea 2013 Bae Iwamura, Chungbuk, Jinsan County, Chungnam County, 32713 Korea

4. Accommodation archives

Frame Request Form (Word/Download Word)

② Self presentation

③ Diploma examination duplicate (BA, MA, Ph.D.)

④ Transcript (BA, MA, Ph.D.)

⑤ Copy of international ID and ARC card.

⑥ All organic declarations recorded on the application frame.

Assent for the gathering and utilization of individual data (Word/Download)

The fifth Interview

① There is a meeting for pre-screening.

② The meeting is booked for December 20, 2018 (dates may change). The correct time of the meeting will be endless supply of the application. A fruitful demand will be advised.

6. Different remarks

① Documents submitted won't be returned. Furthermore, the candidate will bear the detriment caused by fragmented records or false or deceiving data.

② If the submitted reports are inadequate, the application can not be dropped.

③ Unless generally expressed, all arrangements are substantial for one year and might be reached out starting with one year then onto the next.

④ For the situation of criminal preliminary, the assigned position might be ended after arrangement.

7. Contact Information

For more data, if it's not too much trouble reach us at

Nov 22, 2018

JoongBu University

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