Looking for Christian Teachers in Korea - English (ESL), Social Studies, and other subject teachers

Looking for Christian Teachers in Korea - English (ESL), Social Studies, and other subject teachers

Date of Job Posted: Monday, December 3, 2018

English (ESL), Social Science - Business - Business and Marketing Comprehensive Science - Biology - Physics - Mathematics - Mathematics - Geometry - Analysis -

The Global Vision Community School (GVCS) is enrolled with the International Association of Christian Schools (ACSI), established in 2003. GVCS is remarkable contrasted with open secondary schools and secondary school open and tuition based school frameworks in the United States. In light of UU's training arrangement.

Grounds: Venus

title :

1) Mathematics - Mathematics, Geometry, Precalculus

2) English (ESL): Who examined English and news-casting, correspondence, and media?

3) Advisory Advisor: A man who can help with the exhortation of the issue, the help of the understudy with the issue, the understudy's proficient or school plan.

Grounds: Mungyeong

title :

1) General Science - General Physics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

2) English (ESL): Who considered English and news-casting, correspondence, and media?

3) Sociology - Government, World History

4) Spanish - Who considered Spanish?

* Who do you get a kick out of the chance to have the capacity to communicate in Spanish and English (Korean)?

5) Counseling Advisor: Who can help with the issue, helping the understudy act as a burden and help make a master and school plan?

* I am Korean and English (Korean)

Capability :

1) Christian existence of confidence. First unspecified name

2) Minimum permit

3) a man with a minister hearing for arrangement.

4) Those who are in the classroom or have a declaration (first)

5) The school likes individuals who can instruct as per American educational programs.

6) Schools give school autos to remote instructors.

Record survey

1) Educational program (GVCS arrange).

2) Preliminary examination (GVCS design)

3) Continue

4) Diploma

5) Warrior

6) Video of the gathering (10 ~ 15 minutes long)

* If you require a GVCS shape, it would be ideal if you email recruit@gemgem.org.

*** Processing begins after the past archive is sent.


1) Salary: 2.4 million won for every month

On the off chance that the new contract gives an extraordinary reward (as indicated by the directions)

2) Ticket Fee, Transfer Fee (as indicated by school arrangement) [Round Trip]

3) 11 days paid get-away every year.

(Summer get-away and winter excursion 5 days ponder get-away are given).

4) Accommodation offices

5) Lunch gave (supper is given assuming extra minutes)

6) Fired remuneration

Application Procedure

1) Document screening

2) Interview

3) Declaration of acknowledgment.

** You have to set up a demo talk amid the meeting.

Apply Now

1) Tel: + 82-70-4422-7303: Young Park

2) Email: recruit@gemgem.org

3) Deadline: without a moment's delay.

4) Start date: You can realize the begin date after meeting

5) School mail address:

- Geumseong Campus: Wonjung-ro 406-9, South Nam-myeon, Kumseong-firearm, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea.

- Woncheong Campus: Gyeongbuk Muncheong-si 369, Yongsun-myeon, Gyeongbuk

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