The Language Education Center at Chonbuk National University in Korea is seeking for English teaching instructor

The Language Education Center at Chonbuk National University in Korea is seeking for English teaching instructor

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018

1. Title: English instructor

2. Begin date: March 1, 2019.

3. Capabilities

- Nationality The representative for the English liquids, one of the accompanying: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa (Korea is the main nation in which hopefuls can instruct English).

- Applicants who talk familiar English paying little respect to their nationality and don't have visa limitations.

- Degrees in all orders.

- If you have a TESOL endorsement/authentication, it is prescribed.

- It is prescribed to the individuals who need to prepare English educators in Korea.

- More than 2 years of instructive involvement in Korea.

- Candidates are chosen by criteria characterized by CBNU. Remember that just those in the short rundown will be reached and checked. You can contact your supervisor and partners on your resume.

4. Expected set of responsibilities

- Teaching English as an outside dialect (talking, composing)

- 924 hours, 44 weeks of study.

5. Pay

- English, English, English, Linguistics and TESOL Masters 2,400,000 won for each month (Korean cash).

- 220 million won for degree.

- 25,000 won for each hour for additional time classes.

6. Subordinate Services

- If the candidate lands from another nation, you will be required to discount the greatest of 1.5 million travel tickets and present the ticket to LEC. (On the off chance that the candidate marking the agreement in Korea signs the agreement, the expense won't be charged on the off chance that you leave Korea.)

- 500,000 won will be given to settlement upon entry.

- Furnished condo (on-grounds)

- two months paid leave and medical coverage (same expense)

- Remuneration toward the finish of agreement (relevant to month to month compensation)

7. Application records.

- proceed

- A duplicate of your filtered visa.

- A filtered duplicate of the title.

- a filtered duplicate of the convention

- At slightest 2 references to checked duplicates of contact data.

(Suggestion should initially be from a Korean manager or partner).

8. Due date: Friday, December 14, 2018 (12:00 pm)

9. The most effective method to Submit:
Please email to

10. Contact and Postal Code.

Chun ยท Bye (Female) Chonbuk University Language Education Center

Jeonju Daeching District Baekje Temple 567 54896 South Korea


Telephone: + 82-63-270-4451/Fax: + 82-63-270-4423

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