Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea, is hiring a well-qualified and responsible native English speaking instructor

Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea, is hiring a well-qualified and responsible native English speaking instructor

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hansung University in Seoul, Korea, utilizes local dialect educators. He will be allocated to the General English Education Department of Hansung University in March 2019.

1. Capability: Master's or higher capability.

Over two years of showing knowledge in school.

Dialect courses educated by magnificent experts from MA or TESOL.

2. Term of Agreement: March 1, 2019 ~ February 28, 2020 and can be played.

3. Teacher's guarantee: something like 15 hours of guidance seven days.

(1) If fundamental, the educator should tell regardless of whether it is a credit.

Inclining course for semester.

(2) The coach is likewise in charge of any extra class-related exercises.

Inform understudies on the work with respect to the warning board of trustees, and take an interest in instructor gatherings.

(3) All educators need to instruct summer classes as required.

Or on the other hand winter school.

4. Installment: 2,800,000 won for each month (barring charge)

Endowments, for example, medical coverage or tuition based school annuity are given.

Under this condition, extra work required by the college will be paid.

5. Living space: Free lofts can be without given of charge at no extra charge

House is accessible. Else, you will pay a lodging sponsorship of 300,000 won.

6. Occasions: 2 months paid leave for every semester

7. Required Documents:

(1) Application shape (downloadable)


(2) Self-referenced CV.

(3) Copy of confirmation testament.

(4) Copy of transcript for determination.

The authority fixed convention ought to be sent to the college.

At long last,


(5) Recommendation of two previous bosses or instructors.

Telephone number and email address.

(6) Copy of visa ID card.

If it's not too much trouble send your application to minjk@hansung.ac.kr by email. At that point, every important archive must be sent to the accompanying location by Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

Youthful shaman

General English gathering place


Hansung University General Education School

Seongbuk-gu Office 116, Samseongyo-ro 16-gil

Seoul 02876 Korea

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, if it's not too much trouble call 02-760-5935 or email minjk@hansung.ac.kr

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