YEONSUNG University in South Korea is seeking for Foreign English Professor

YEONSUNG University in South Korea is seeking for Foreign English Professor

Date of Job Posted: Monday, December 17, 2018

In March 2019, YEONSUNG university initiates qualified contender for English instructors as quickly as time permits. This report is viewed as an updateable two-year contract.

YEONSUNG University is outstanding amongst other colleges in Korea with in excess of 6,000 understudies. The grounds is situated in Anyang City (30-40 minutes by metro from downtown Seoul).





Bureau of Food and Nutrition

Discussion in English; Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Bachelor of English Literature.

Or on the other hand TESOL




2. Capabilities

A. Candidates must be local speakers.

B. You have to learn related (or more) courses.

C. TESOL testament is favorable position.

Tertiary Assessment

A. Essential assessment: Evaluate the capabilities of applicants.

B. Principle Assessment: Evaluation of the candidate's vocation and enlistment

C. Meeting: To survey the potential and attainable commitments of the candidates to the University of Extension

Fourth Process

A. Essential and significant capabilities

B. Meetings (Applicants who have passed essential capabilities and for the most part capabilities)

5. Archives to be introduced.

(an) Application frame (photograph 4 × 5cm)

(b) Continued

(c) Cover letter

(d) Indication of instructing objectives.

(e) Degrees

(f) All capabilities recorded in the CV. Declaration of honor and patent and different advantages

(g) official duplicate of the full title (counting GPA)

(h) Two warnings (letters ought to incorporate the name and contact data of the beneficiary) from a researcher or master in a similar field.

(I) a past work testament (filling in as proof of help)

(j) A duplicate of the course affirmation page.

(k) Copy of Alien Registration Card (if pertinent)

6. Complete shipment

A. Application due date: Friday, December 14, 2018 to Thursday, December 27, 2018, 4 pm

B. Instructions to apply: via mail or by email (must submit reports before shutting)

C. Recommended area:

- Location: Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 37 containers of Lu-hua Luo, Manza-

- E-mail:

D. Telephone: 031-441-1165

E. Archives must incorporate reports (in the email headline) with respect to the area of remote instructors (name).

7. Notice

A. You should send the first. Duplicates are contrasted and the first at the season of meeting.

B. Archives won't be come back to the candidate (aside from the first of the paper and records).

C. Candidates of outside doctoral candidates must present a duplicate of their Ph.D. authentication and unique confirmation from Korea National Research Foundation.

D. Declarations imprinted in English must be joined by authoritatively interpreted archives.

E. Candidates with false records (occupation, review or pursuit test) are rejected from the study or expelled from the rundown.

F. We discuss independently with candidates who have passed essential capabilities and real capabilities.

G. On the off chance that you don't have a qualified hopeful, you won't be procured.

H. Candidates who have passed the meeting will go into an agreement with us as per the staff standards of Yan Yun University.

I. The candidate may require work. Something else, the application is dropped.

J. Rastro sintítulo The fundamental errand of a remote educator is to instruct understudies.

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