YBM Education Head Office in Korea is looking to hire Native English Teachers for our company-owned YBM PINE schools

YBM Education Head Office in Korea is looking to hire Native English Teachers for our company-owned YBM PINE schools

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Expected set of responsibilities

Browse some key areas in South Korea's most famous zones. The conservative time is from 9:00 am. 4:30 pm - As of March 6, YBM Headquarters' agreement is completely ensured

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Schools in the YBM PINE area are exceptionally famous among Korean educators and instructors as of now contemplating educational modules. It has a notoriety for giving an extraordinary blend of reduced working time with an emphasis on quality and amount. . It is known in Korea. The way to our prosperity is the staff of YBM who truly value the significance of instructors by giving a world class office and an intelligent workplace with the goal that educators can give the largest amount of training for their understudies. Our schools are altogether situated in the most prominent territories of Seoul and Busan. View the explicit area beneath and compose the program you need to educate in the new year of 2019.

On the main day of school on March 6, 2017, YBM Education Headquarters is enlisting local English instructors at our very own YBM PINE School. The passage readiness period is March fourth and fifth. The individuals who can not go to for the exertion as of the finish of February.

The majority of our YBM PINE schools have long summer and winter excursions. As indicated by our schedule, summer and winter get-away (see underneath) + plan to be additional get-away days + ends of the week have 6 days, bringing about 4-day end of the week arrangement.

Summer Vacation 7.24 - 7.31 (6 days + end of the week). We instruct until July 23, and profit for August 1.

Winter get-away 12.23 - 12.31 (6 days + end of the week) Classes by December 20 and classes until January 2

On May first, Korean work days are free for every one of our schools.

The following preliminary day is a weekday between the national occasion and the national occasion and 4 days on the end of the week.

Arrangement May 7 __________ Day Weekend sixth May Holiday

June 7 Preparation Day _________4 June 6 Holiday Weekend Day

August 16 Preparation Day _________ 4 Day Weekend August 15 Festival

Arrangement day of October 4 __________________ Weekend October 3 Festival

PINE gives great working conditions and rewards.

* As an option in contrast to the destitute contract, profoundly aggressive advantages, for example, 2.65 ~ 3.45 million won

* Individual lodging contract is 2.20 ~ 3 million won.

* From 9 am to 4:30 pm in numerous spots or from 9 am to 5 pm on GATE A pleasant reduced timetable

* Korea's National Health Insurance, Korea's benefits charge add up to retirement pay

* Smaller classes than government funded schools (6-18 understudies)

* Obtain more data and area before marking the agreement.

* Do other outside instructors work. Most schools have a normal of 8 to 15 English instructors

* The educational modules has been completely created and refreshed by the R and D group at YBM home office.

You can pick a few occupations (see beneath). The YBM office causes you discover the activity that best suits your capabilities, experience and inclination.

YBM PSA: The present business hours are 9:00 AM. 4:30 pm (You can invest this energy once this year)

Showing great neighborly youngsters in a genuine school condition

* Salary 2.3 ~ 2.6 million won + Accommodation (from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm)

* Salary from 2.75 ~ 3.5 million won (Applicant can cast a ballot)

Bundang PSA: Bundang City is a 1-minute stroll from Jeongja stn and a 15-minute drive from Gangnam Station.

Yongsan PSA: a short ways from Nokusa Station, Yongsan (Seoul), close HBC and Itaewon

Secoho PSA: 10 minutes by walking from Gangnam Seoul/15 minutes by walking from Yankee Station and Gangnam Station.

YBM Gate: Your present working hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm (this time you can send this year)

In a perfect world, candidates who wish to comprehend English fluidly and instruct babies to talk

Candidates may allude to either workforce or one of the accompanying specific subjects

Jamsil cGATE's science instructors and staff

* Salary 2.4 ~ 3 million won + Accommodation (Yearly 9: 45 ~ 5: 00-5: 30 hours)

* Salary is 2.80 ~ 3.45 million won (paying little heed to habitation) (candidate can pick)

Jamsil cGATE is a mobile separation from Jamsil Station Lotte World and Sokyu Lake Park

Educator's Degree: Teaching science-related reading material related science and encouraging the entire science venture in your class. You can alter the situation of the class instructor.

Oe Moon Seoul Gangnam Seoul Gangnam Station 15 minute walk

YBM AppleTree: The present working calendar is from 9 am 4:30 pm (You can leave this timetable consistently)

Volunteers who appreciate working with exceptionally youthful kids

* Salary is from 2.20 to 2.50 + Accommodation (from 9:30 to 16:30 every year)

* Payable without lodging 2.65 ~ 2.95 million won (Applicants can cast a ballot)

Gaepo AppleTree is a 5-minute stroll from Kowloon Station in Gangnam Seoul.

Apgujeong Learning Tree is a 8-minute stroll from Gangnam Subway Appujion Station in Seoul.


E2/D10/F Series Documents for local speakers or E2 visa

F4/F2/F5/F6 visa candidates must have enlistment archives with the DOE


* Applicants must send a short email address demonstrating the area, including accessible dates, for example, February or early March 2019, and connect a CV to give the present photograph

* If you are now remaining in Korea with E2/D10/F arrangement visa, you can send your ARC card by email to rapidly process your application

Danny J. Kim

HR Manager

YBM Headquarters

Email address: danny@ybm.co.kr

The greater part of our positions will be hung on March 4, 3, and 5, 2019, on the principal day of classes.

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