Hansin Elemantary School is seeking for English teachers at a private school in Seoul, South Korea

Hansin Elemantary School is seeking for English teachers at a private school in Seoul, South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

◆ Working Conditions

* Business day: Monday to Friday

* Working hours

: 8 hours every day (from 08:30 to 16:30)

* Lessons: 22 exercises for every week (40 minutes)

* Student level: Elementary school.

* Period: March 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020

* Salary and recompense: 2.3 million won for each month

* Housing recompense: 500,000 won for each month (no loft, no reward)

Fruition reward: Reward return of 1.3 million won (contract period)

* Remuneration (for compensation)

* 5 weeks paid get-away (yearly)

* 50/50 medical coverage

* Location: No. 69, Nohro 49, Dongbang District, Seoul, Korea 41438

* Homepage: http:/ihansin.net

◆ Qualifications and prerequisites

Candidates must:

- Take responsibility, devotion, and inspirational frame of mind toward the class.

- Be a local speaker.

(USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, UK, South Africa, New Zealand)

- Maintain at any rate B.A., B.Ed. Or on the other hand B.Sc. Rating


- Certificate of ESL training (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, and so on/least 100 hours)

- At minimum one year of involvement in showing English as a second dialect.

◆ Operation

* The acknowledgment of the English course in collaboration with the English educator and the Korean home room.

* Prepare course books for English classes.

* Support the advancement of showing materials for English dialect training.

* Take an English course or an English program amid your get-away.

* Support exercises for English classes and other extracurricular exercises at school. (English capability test, dialect test, English camp, trade program, and so on.)

* Conduct an English course/course for Korean educators and understudies.

* Complete different errands built up by the school.

◆ Contact

* hansinteachers@gmail.com

+ 82-2-901-7528 (English Language Dept.)

◆ Documents to be given

1. Proceed

2. VISA E2, F2 or F4

A duplicate of the Ark and school recognition.

Examination of criminal records at national dimension utilizing Ark.

5. Current wellbeing checkup utilizing TBPE (medicate testing) (Korea) - Public data out in the open spots


Hanshin is a private Christian grade school in Seoul.

School condition:

* Each class has four classes.

* 1 administrator l Coordinator at least 16 English instructors.

* Applications must be sent by email until January fourth.

Assuming this is the case, the instructor ought to send records 1-3 as above.

You should lead an exhibition class upon the arrival of the primer educator meet. On the off chance that the candidate is effective, you should display the rest of the reports on the date of marking the agreement.

You can have an introduction day in February.

We will do our best to get the vital records. In the event that it ends up being incorrectly, you will be avoided from that position.

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