Woosong University in Korea is seeking experienced, qualified candidates for non-tenure track EFL assistant professors

Woosong University in Korea is seeking experienced, qualified candidates for non-tenure track EFL assistant professors

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2019

Since March 2019, Woosong University is searching for hopefuls fit the bill to fill in as EFL's colleague educators.

Necessities appraisal

Just candidates who meet these necessities will be reached.

- Must meet the prerequisites of E-2 or F-VISA status.

- Master's qualification (scholarly, English or phonetic first) and two years of English training after graduate degree

- Considering a doctoral qualification or EdD encounter, it isn't compulsory.

Experience is as per the following.

- Full-time English classes in a college, school or network (no non-public schools)

- Elementary or optional instruction outside Korea is acknowledged as a training license.

- A letter from your manager, including express information or work declarations

Set of working responsibilities

Associate Professor for Nonteenua Teacher, General English (GEL)

- to show an assortment of credit and non-acknowledge dialects ​​in English as a remote dialect

- 20 hours of classroom guidance every week for 4 hours of expert improvement. Classes are held Monday through Friday morning, evening and night.

* Bilingual instructors (Korean and English) with interpretation and elucidation are in charge of the administration.

Access content

- 2,700,000 ~ 3,500,000 won for each month


- Applicants who dwell outside of Korea at present apportion KRW 40,000 every day up to 7 days preceding initiation of agreement.

- One-time information exchange reward for all first year instructors (300,000 won after your first month and 700,000 won after contract)

- After the second yearly contract, month to month pay will be paid as reward each month.

- living arrangement :

On account of a solitary educator, a half-family condo (contingent upon the circumstance) or 400,000 won month to month lodging endowment * is offered complimentary close to the grounds in the primary year.

Instructors with mates or families will get a month to month lodging endowment of 500,000 won *. On the off chance that two educators are hitched and filling in as a Woosong couple, the couple will get two * 400,000 won lodging stipend.

* Housing gifts do exclude rewards. We additionally don't give any prizes, stores or real credit to Woosong workers.

- Holidays - a month and a half pay

- Basic protection: National medical coverage.

- Personal annuity is about 8% of month to month pay.

- A coaching program for first year recruits in Korea and Woosung

- 40% of instructors markdown at Woosung kindergarten for kids.

Woosong offers limits to workers and their families who have considered MA TESOL-MALL and TESOL Certificate (http://english.wsu.ac.kr).

If it's not too much trouble, contact tesolmall@woosong.org.


- Contract for 1 year from March 1. (Playable with agreeable execution)

Giving a rating program

Woosong offers limits on the MBA (M. B. A.) degree from the International Business School, SolBridge (http://www.solbridge.ac.kr/). The program is just accessible in English.

Application Procedure

First Assessment: Please send proof of your sweeps and experience to the Woosong Recruitment Committee (hiring@woosong.org) on ​​your ask for, continue, identification data page. The candidate experiences a meeting stage where an individual is screened and meets the prerequisites of Woosong. Because of the measure of the application, we will most likely be unable to react to every one of them. Much obliged to you for your understanding.

Woosong University is requesting affirmation of national criminal history, unique confirmation and wellbeing report. The wellbeing report requires a wellbeing checkup in Korea to identify tuberculosis, hepatitis and medication use.

For more data, if you don't mind visit http//www.woosong.org/wli.

Contact :

Woosong Establishment Committee

Email: hiring@woosong.org

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