YFLA, One of the Best ESL Teaching Schools in Jeju Island, South Korea is seeking for English Teachers

YFLA, One of the Best ESL Teaching Schools in Jeju Island, South Korea is seeking for English Teachers

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2019

Yale Foreign Language Academy

YFLA is situated in Seogwipo City on the southern shoreline of Jeju Island in Korea. It is a standout amongst the most esteemed private colleges in Jeju. From that point forward it has been an incredible commitment to English training in the network. Executive Han Eun Song and Jin Hee Cho examined in the United States and lived there for a long time. Consequently, they comprehend the distinction between Western culture and Korean culture. They additionally comprehend the instructors in the west and attempt to enable them to wind up powerful all through the classroom.

Brew voice

"Air is a substantial, settled tuition based school in Seogwipo City. We have 6-7 local English speakers who have a long history.

Air has a decent dimension of training, incorporating on-line and in-class guidance. There are instructive research designs with loads of assets and opportunity to add to their reports. Yale advances great correspondence among Western and Korean open educators. The Korean staff did all that they could to give required help in English.

Since Air is an extraordinary foundation with a background marked by over 20 years, it is very efficient as far as compensation. Installments were convenient and precise and additional time was naturally considered. Air contract consistence and expulsion remuneration installments are booked after the agreement is agreed upon.

Jeju is a decent spot for nature sweethearts. The remote network is little yet adjacent. The loss of nightlife on Jeju Island is likewise eased by shorelines, climbing trails, outdoors, swimming and plunging.

It was a decent affair to live in Jeju Island, which I normally work for. "


"Yale isn't one of Hagwon's repulsiveness stories, and for my significant other and I, working at Yale was a decent ordeal." Founded (20 years of age I imagine that it is more than perfect), installment is never an issue, however I didn't actually pay additional time recompense, flight or retirement remittance. Mindaku and Jinhei (the two supervisors) were inviting and profoundly comprehended. Another Korean educator communicates in English proficiently.The lovely condition in Jeju that we delighted in with them was extraordinary, yet it was really the territory where the general population and the island were found. Our time in Korea was a stunning background. What's going on here? "


Prerequisites :

* Native English speakers

* Above BA

begin date

* As of May 1, 2019.

* One position

exercise :

* 26 exercises for every week

Educating Level:

* Elementary school, grown-up baccalaureate.

administration :

* Monthly compensation: 210 ~ 2.3 million won (relies upon involvement and capability)

* Health protection and mishaps: half of medicinal protection premiums.

* National Pension: half of National Pension premium.

* Round trek toll

* Remuneration paid after the year contract has been finished (for compensation)

* Summer get-away: 5 days including end of the week.

* Winter get-away: 4 days including end of the week.

* Free convenience

* Easy-to-utilize, simple to-utilize educational modules.

* Master of family prepared in the United States. UU. I guarantee you will adjust and make you feel great

* Regular introductions to enhance English classes for educators.

Unique report:

* references

* proceed

* A duplicate of the identification's primary page.

Reply Information:

* Mintak Kim, Vice Director of Yale Foreign Language Academy
* Telephone number: +82-64-733-9991
* Email address: alxckr@gmail.com
* Skype ID: mintak.kim
* Website URL: http://jejuyale.com/en

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