YEONSUNG university in Korea invites applications for non-tenured track foreign English teaching faculty positions

YEONSUNG university in Korea invites applications for non-tenured track foreign English teaching faculty positions

Date of Job Posted: Friday, February 22, 2019

As ahead of schedule as April 2019, YEONSUNG University asked for the arrangement of a great possibility for empty residency for remote colleges.

Position is a refreshed two-year legally binding component of the rating.

In excess of 5,000 understudies consider YEONSUNG University to be one of the biggest colleges in Korea. The grounds is situated in Anyang City (30-40 minutes by tram from Korea, Gyeonggi Province, Seoul city).


Field opening

English Conversation in Health Management, English Literature, Education, or TESOL Health Management

All out 1

2. Capabilities

A. Candidates must have local English.

B. Fitting (or higher) learning process is required.

C. TESOL accreditation is valuable.

Third Rating

A. Fundamental Assessment: Evaluate competitors' capabilities.

B. Assessment: The candidate's profession and enrollment

C. Meeting: Evaluating candidates' potential feasible commitments to unceasing schools

Course 4

A. Essential and real capabilities

Meetings (the individuals who have passed essential and real capabilities)

Records to submit

(an) Application structure (with photograph)

(b) Continued

(c) Cover letter

(d) Indicate the motivation behind the preparation.

(e) Degrees

(f) Certificates of all capability licenses, grants, accomplishments, licenses and different advantages recorded on the resume

(g) Official transcripts of all titles stepped by school staff (counting all out GPA)

(h) Two letters of proposal from researchers and specialists in a similar field (note the beneficiary's name and contact subtleties).

(I) a previous work authentication (this fills in as proof of help)

(j) Passport A duplicate of the international ID.

(k) Copy of Alien Registration Card (if relevant)

Due date shipment

A. Section period: February 21, 2019 to 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 7, 2019.

B. Instructions to present your application: By mail or by email (you should record before due date)

C. Recommended places

- Address: (14011) Global office 34, Jongno 34, Yangryu-ri, Anyang-gu, Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 34

- E-mail:

D. Phone: 031-441-1165

E. The record requires a title (archive name) that demonstrates the area of the remote instructor in the report envelope (E-mail title header).

7. Notice

A. You should present the first. On account of duplicating, the record is contrasted and the first archive amid the meeting.

B. Records won't be come back to the candidate (with the exception of unique reports, for example, papers and archives).

C. Candidates with remote doctoral degrees must present a PhD endorsement from the National Research Foundation of Korea and a duplicate of the first recognition.

D. Declarations imprinted in English ought to be joined to formally interpreted reports.

E. Candidates with false reports (vocation, evaluation or hunt history) are barred from the review or expelled from the rundown.

F. Contact the candidate who has passed the fundamental capability and this capability exclusively.

G. Without qualified hopefuls, candidates won't be acknowledged.

H. Candidates who have passed the meeting will go into a concurrence with us at Yongsan College's staff rules.

I. Candidates may just demand business. Something else, the application will be dropped.

J. The principle mission of remote colleges is to offer addresses to understudies.

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