One-Stop Prep / 100 Classics is looking for English teachers in Korea - 25,000KRW / hour, up to 40 hours a week

One-Stop Prep / 100 Classics is looking for English teachers in Korea - 25,000KRW / hour, up to 40 hours a week

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2019

[Teaching Korean Travel! ] Intensive Summer English Teaching Program in 2019

Is it true that you are searching for an intriguing Korean culture? Would you like to show understudies who are spurred and inspired to learn? One Stop Ready/100 Classic is searching for somebody like you. OSP/100C behaviors concentrated courses for the yearly Intensive Summer Program for Exam Preparation and Youth Programs in June, July and August.

On the off chance that you are a capable individual and are keen on joining our capable educator group, if it's not too much trouble send your resume, OSP/100C application and refreshed photographs to

Much obliged to you. We are sitting tight for your answer!


One Stop Prep/100 Classics

[Exam planning - New SAT and AP subjects]

Our test planning program is known as a key way to deal with "disentangle" tests (New SAT Reading, Writing New SAT Math and AP - Science). Gives teachers the two course readings and encounters to invite compelling and dependable test readiness educators. On the off chance that you are set up to figure out how to ace the test, we will bolster you to build your understudy's score.

[Young Literature - 100 Classics]

The 100 Classics program offers inspirational learning techniques through perusing, composing, and discourse. This is essential and optional training programs (grades 1 through 9) in English went for creating advanced, basic reasoning, and innovative reasoning in culture.


Possibility for the test ought to most likely show math and science.

You should be a Korean resident on the off chance that you are qualified for a Korean E2 or F visa.

Under the Immigration Control Act of Korea, E2 visas are limited to the natives of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

Least recognition and unique confirmation (apostilled endorsement)

You should check the criminal records across the nation (counting Apostille)


Gangnam-gu Seoul gu (close tram line 3)

It should be accessible 5 days seven days.

Test readiness The instructor shows 30-40 hours every week.

100 traditional educators instruct around 30 hours per week.

The real class will rely upon the representative's timetable and execution.

It is talked about amid point by point meets on the extent of the occasion and so on.

[Training and Session Schedule

All competitors must partake in necessary training (the timetable may change)

Choice 1 (June and July): June 13 to August 6 (2 months)

June Education: June 3 - June 12

Choice 2 (June to August): From June 13 to August 23 (3 months)

July Education: July 1 through July 10.


25,000 kWh/hr

The educator can work 40 hours every week, 4 million per month, and 12 million per month in three months.


Open help and convenience

Educator's activity preparing OSP/100C

Much obliged to you for learning Korean consistently.

Week after week and month to month compensation for superb educators

A mainland breakfast amid school days.

Korea's medical coverage and annuity (contingent upon nationality/visa type)

Welcome pack and uniform OSP/100C.

Another program to help Zhengzhou educators.

E2 Visa Support

[Supporting apartments]

OSP/100C gives grant or convenience to teachers amid the business time frame. The loft given by the organization is a condo in Gangnam-gu.

[Find discount suggestions]

OSP/100C gives outside travelers visitor class admissions among Seoul and the global airplane terminal of the nation of starting point of the teacher.

Round trek: For educators who take a three-month concentrated summer course

Dispensable Summer Intensive Two Months Qualifying Course for Trainers

Upon effective culmination of the agreement time frame, all discounts of the flight will be acknowledged.

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