Looking for Bi-lingual(Korean and English) Teachers for Advanced Learners in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Looking for Bi-lingual(Korean and English) Teachers for Advanced Learners in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Specialists are specialists. We are searching for an instructor, not an educator. As a main organization of English instruction and inspiration, we center around two concentrated EFL courses and an assortment of persuasive projects that help our vision. In littler classes of skilled understudies, instructors can give individualized instructive administrations to understudies. Truth be told, most understudies go to well known center and secondary schools or colleges both at home and abroad. They additionally get two local English spaces that are composed and spoken. The greater part of the understudies have been in living arrangement 9 for over 4 years, which guarantees reliable and compelling instruction.

Helpful open transport, well known inexpensive food chains, coffeehouses, and a few goods are situated in a standout amongst the most prosperous territories of Seoul's Gangnam city. Daechi-dong, a specialized curriculum territory known for its committed energy for scholastic accomplishment, will be a domain where you can build your vocation as an expert English educator.

The accompanying qualified and dynamic instructors are welcome here, and they offer aggressive prizes. As you are increasingly skillful and devoted as an educator, that position will be additionally fulfilling. On the off chance that you are searching for an instructive position that might want to have the chance to value the evaluations of your calling, or to develop as a teacher, this is the ideal spot for you.

[Description of work]

* Location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul

* Student level: Gifted understudies who talk familiar English. The vast majority of them are basic and middle school understudies coming back from English talking nations.

* Teacher's commitment: 2 classes for each day (normal 140 minutes for every class)

* Working hours

- Monday to Friday: one hour before class Preparatory time

- SATURDAY: 30 minutes before class.

* Class time: Average 5 hours/day (6 days/week or 5 days/week)

- Elementary School

Monday to Friday 3:30 to 6:00 (40-minute stop) 6:40 to 9:10/Saturday 10:00 to 12:30 (30-minute stop) 1:00 to 3:30

- center School

Monday to Friday 4:50 to 7:10 (30-minute stop) 7:40 to 10:00/Saturday 10:00 am to 12:20 (40-minute stop) 1:00 to 3:20

- You should total an a multi week Habit 9 educator preparing program before taking an ordinary course.


• Option 1 (Grades 2 through 6, English/R and D classes)

- Fun intuitive bilingual educator with energy and love for youngsters (Korean/English).

- Basic familiar English client with essential conversational dimension

- At least a TESOL lone ranger's or graduate degree or language calling is alluring.

- Two years of instructive involvement in Korea is required.

- TOEFL preparing background (v. 4)/exchange/sentence structure is ideal.

- Preferred online classroom experience

** Only candidates are as of now in Korea

• Option 2 (for understudies in evaluations 7 to 9)

- Teach and counsel with understudies and their encounters with parental figures.

- Two years of showing background in TOEFL (Section 4)/TEPS (Section 4) and school syntax.

Intelligent instructors and researchers with energy and love for understudies.

- Native language local speakers of Korean.

- At least a TESOL single guy's or graduate degree or language calling is attractive.

- A most loved online class understanding


* Depending on debatable installment experience/class/workday/

* Successful contract yearly remuneration

* Special recompenses amid the serious course were included amid the excursion

* On time and in full installment

* All occasions are paid

* Holidays: Multi week in the event that you need seven days in summer (full sum)

* Support proficient development.

(1) Teacher Forum

(2) R and D costs

* Additional advantages:

(1) Incentives

(2) Full protection

【Required Documents】

1) Resume and introductory letter (counting date of birth, training at grade school)

2) Recent photographs

※ Documents required for contract are as per the following.

- Copy of a missionary/Copy everything being equal.

- Adopting the administration of national criminal records ...

Contact Information:

Website URL: www.habit9.com

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