We’re looking for ESL teachers who preferably have several years of experience teaching English in Korea

We’re looking for ESL teachers who preferably have several years of experience teaching English in Korea

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Setting: Suncheon Lifelong Health Center close Suncheon University, Suncheonmun Health Center


Begin date: May 2019

Reason: One current representative is returning home for other profession openings

General Explanation of Mission: LLC is being contributed by Suncheon City. Suncheon occupants are shown grown-ups and primary school (first ~ fourth grade) complimentary. These English courses are a piece of the way of life, expressions and exercises offered by the LLC. Thusly, the English area is an exceptionally little piece of an extremely huge program in the city. Four remote educators in the United States originate from the United Kingdom, Canada, and our chief is Korean, however from the United States. UU and completely bilingual. Whatever is left of our office is a Korean worker yet truly agreeable and well disposed. We have a PC in the workplace for four neighborhood instructors, and in light of the fact that we as a whole have distinctive calendars, it is quite often allowed to come and prepare. The workplace has a corporate record totally in the book shop for all provisions of classroom, printer, copier, laminator, trimmer, hardware and shop stationery/workmanship/neighborhood supplies,

We are searching for individuals with long periods of showing knowledge in Korea, and/or with grown-up instruction experience, if conceivable. All races, ethnicities and nationalities are invited by E2. Classes are held at different places in Suncheon. No vehicle is required (as of now 2 instructors are utilizing open transportation without issues). In the event that you have a Korean permit or vehicle, you can truly utilize all the relaxation that this position offers.


Pay: Experience dependent on pay scale like EPIK/JLP

+ 50,000/month for movement

Month to month + 100,000/Food

+ 300,000 single expense (for portable use)

+ 50/50 medical coverage and annuities are incorporated

Visa: E2 is shaped, and F visa is invited yet should be liable to E2 (4 years or proportional US, UK, IRE and CAN, AUS, NZ and SA ...)

Time: The agreement is restricted to 25 hours however seldom surpasses 20 (assuming any). The instructor he trades shows 19 hours per week. The class won't begin until 10 pm as opposed to the table water. On the off chance that you are not showing classes, you can invest your free energy anyplace.

Lodging: Monthly lodging sponsorship $ 400,000. You needn't bother with a first installment and as of now complete a dispatch instructor's lodging contract that is 400,000/month. The agreement finishes in August. On the off chance that you wish, you can move to Renew, Stay or Suncheon. It is a clean and generally new investigation. The loft is furnished with a little level screen TV, an end table, a dressing table proprietor, and an instructor who is equipped with apparatuses/essential devices to give you a table for your bed, seats, closet, cover cleaners and all 2's. It is conceivable to use however much furniture as could be expected, however much as could be expected, other than the ownership of the proprietor.

Occasions: 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks in winter. You have to ensure your day, yet summer can take whenever amid the long periods of June, July, August, and winter in December, January, and February.

Educational modules: Adult courses are pre-orchestrated and utilize a scope of reading material, for example, "Together" and "Would you be able to trust it?" For basic classes, you can pick your own educational programs. We can pick what you can arrange from guardians to discover several course books or have a huge library in English that you can make your own. Everybody. Get ready to limit or be as wild as you need!

Contact Information:
Name: Brian Han
Email Address: suncheonllc@gmail.com

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