The Language Education Center at GIST in South Korea is looking for English teachers as qualified applicants

The Language Education Center at GIST in South Korea is looking for English teachers as qualified applicants

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Errand list

Gwangju University of Science and Technology

English Teacher Career News

At the GIST language preparing focus, qualified candidates have the accompanying work openings:

Clarification of candidate's business and capabilities

◦ Occupation: English instructor.

◦ Hole: 1 individual

Title: English course map (composing and introduction for science)

◦ Certification: English as a local language.

Graduate degree (Online Degree isn't acknowledged)

- Hope in TESOL or related field.

Enlistment technique

◦ Step 1: Identify the archive

- Select up to 10 accessible positions.

- Assessment: Education (60%), training background (30%) and different encounters and exercises (10%)

◦ Step 2: Individual meeting

- Select the quantity of accessible positions up to multiple times

- Assessment: Preparation for class (30%), showing exercise (30%), meet (40%)

Candidates may be met in the event that they pass the principal record audit process.

Length and calendar

Evacuation declaration: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 to June 20, 2019. (month)

◦ Period: Until 2019.5.6 (Mon) 23:59 PM (KST)

If you don't mind send it from the principle page of the Ein language learning focus (

In the event that the mentioned records are fragmented or sent by email, the candidate is consequently prohibited without earlier notice.

Precautionary measures

- Only effective candidates who pass the screening procedure will be told by email.

Required Documents

Submit Subdocument

- Required: Referrals Diploma and school transcripts for each evaluation, at least 3 references (counting telephone number and email address)

- Add: Career test involvement and execution (if relevant) Certificate (if material)

Discover an opening at

◦ The chose candidate must present the first.

◦ If there is a mistake in the data of the submitted reports, the candidate will be consequently excluded.


◦ Position: English Instructor (contract operator)

◦ Term of work: From September 2, 2019 to August 31, 2020 (sustainable through contract)

◦ Job depiction: Fill in the 24-hour unit for each evaluation

(Or then again proportionate in homeroom and individual exercises in English facilities)

Full-time admission to fourteen day GIST camp for new understudies entering in February

Summer/Winter Regular Course (when a year if conceivable)

One workshop for every semester (90-120 minutes) for chose English subjects/abilities

◦ Salary: around 43,000,000 won (counting pay as per Korean law)

◦ Pros: Residential on grounds office.

Contact: /+ 82-62-715-3703


Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology President

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