We have several EPIK Public Schools Available within the Chungnam region in Korea, and need ESL teachers

We have several EPIK Public Schools Available within the Chungnam region in Korea, and need ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, May 11, 2019

There are some EPIK government funded schools in the Chungnam region. It is the region encompassing the city of Daejeon. There are metro systems from Seoul metropolitan zone to Seoul and KTX systems that go through Chungnam territory. Enable access to the entire nation.

This school is accessible in June, July and September.

On the off chance that you need to remain around Gyeonggi-do/Seoul or Incheon, this zone is the nearest.

Since they are in the administration, they get protection contracts from EPIK. There are just 22 classes for every week (there are not 30 classes for each tuition based school). From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, the typical work routine

It is a lucrative government funded school with a month to month compensation of 2.2 million euros (contrasted with 2 million euros in Seoul) and a limit of 2.9 million euros for every month. Your resume relies upon the area of the region.

Additional time can likewise be utilized to expand finance frequently in after-school classes.

Standard advantages include:

Furniture condo without lease close to your school

Once compensate 300,000 won

Round trek speed of 260,000 won.

Paid get-away 26 days + open occasions (7 weeks altogether)

Medicinal commitment

Benefits gift

Compensation reward for one month toward the finish of the agreement.

A vigorously paid get-away

Uncommon leave benefits

I will enable you to learn Korean instructor.

Turning into an ace of Korea 's skyline. You get:

Get one night at the air terminal, inn and go to the school/training office

Presentation bundle (counting travel connector, forlorn travel data and different highlights)

At our online store in Korea, request all that you need from our free credit super administration and return the cash after you pay your compensation.

The meeting is going on now. On the off chance that you need to apply, you can do it by sending us your resume: Request a "Chungnam" proposition online with JOBS@KoreanHorizons.com or www.KoreanHorizons.com

Contact Information:
Name of Institution: Korean Horizons
Website URL: www.KoreanHorizons.com
Contact Email Address: Jobs@KoreanHorizons.com

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