Looking for Full-time English teachers in Daegu, South Korea - Job Including Adult English classes

Looking for Full-time English teachers in Daegu, South Korea - Job Including Adult English classes

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Daegu including full-time grown-up all day work

A. Since mid-July.

B. Since mid-August.

Name and Area: Studyfactory Daegu.

Before Kyungpook National University

a little ways from downtown and Costco.

▶ Condition

* Normal working hours: 2 pm to 10 pm M to F

It relies upon your month to month plan.

* Initial contract period: 1 year (contract period can be broadened on the off chance that you wish)

▶ Rewards and advantages

* Full-time instructor type 120 hours/month Base compensation $ 2.2 million

(2.2 to 3.0 or more) relies upon the working hours.

* Fee of 100,000 won for each month (regardless of whether you are as of now in Korea, you can not remain for a significant lot of time regardless of whether you don't have a flight)

* Overtime payouts of 25,000 won for each hour are determined in all respects precisely consistently.

* Open from 9 am to 10 pm If you need, you can get more cash-flow from our organization (this isn't required).

In the event that you pick your very own home * 300,000 won for lodging remittance and prizes credit. There is just a single report in a similar structure where the instructor lives.

* reward on yearly contract

* National Health Insurance and 50/50 benefits

* 10 days paid get-away + all open occasions

* We do money related change toward the year's end. (In all honesty, any local speaker can get his expense discount simply like an ordinary Korean individual.)

▶ About Us

* We have been doing business for more than 7 years with in excess of 25 local speakers in the United States. USA, Japan, France, UK, Spain, China, South Africa, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia. At present 16 local speakers are working in our organization. We have an entertaining youthful and agreeable multilingual corporate culture.

* You are working at our foundation and different branches.

* We are satisfied to offer you testaments and data about our organization as dynamic or previous instructors.

▶ Minimum capability

These are the archives we have to present to the instructive organization and get a work visa (E-2) from the ROK Immigration Bureau.

A. Audit of criminal records at the national dimension inside a half year authenticated by Apostille or the Korean Embassy.

B. A duplicate of the college recognition (B.A.) legally approved by the Ark or the Korean Consulate.

C. International ID is substantial for at any rate a year in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

▶ Application

If you don't mind send refreshed resume and photographs.

Contact Email Address:

We anticipate collaborating with you.

Thanks a lot

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