Lighthouse International School in South Korea is currently seeking for native English-speaking teachers

Lighthouse International School in South Korea is currently seeking for native English-speaking teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Global Lighthouse School (Grades 1 through 12) right now requires local English educators to instruct in the accompanying regions:

- Elementary Education

- Second English

- Secondary Science

Educators must be called by God to show the Christian school to carry on with the Bible way of life. Instructors help understudies appeal to get familiar with the dispositions, aptitudes, and substance that add to their development as develop workforce and mindful Christians with God's applause and brilliance transformational impact in their own reality.

1. About our school

Beacon International School (LIS) is a private Christian school close Ilsan. The school needs to teach the offspring of God with the goal that they can get familiar with the otherworldly, praiseworthy character Bible perspective so as to get the world and become the world chief. The fundamental exercises are instructed in English, and the mission of the school is to teach the general population of God of loftiness and equity, permitting the light of good impact through their great deeds to sparkle on the world.

2. Capabilities

vital :

- The conceived again Christian guaranteed to carry on with the Bible way of life.

- I have a degree from a certify college.

- have accomplished an endorsement or four year college education from an educator in rudimentary or optional training, or have experience instructing at the general population or private auxiliary dimension in the branch of knowledge


- f instructor

- Korean as a local language.


- 5 days seven days (8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday)

- Class uninhibitedly (18-22 hours of the week).

- Class and other allocated undertakings.

- Evaluate understudies' adapting routinely and compose advancement reports as required.

- Maintain exact records of participation and grades.

- Attend staff gatherings.

- Let's make a domain that thinks about acquainting Bible standards with study halls and school grounds.

- prompt understudies and right conduct as required

- Promote or screen extracurricular exercises and projects.

- Participate in educational program advancement.

Remuneration and benefit

- Negotiable month to month pay: 2.0-3 million Korean Won

- Refund of return charge just if the instructor is abroad while contracting

- Health protection (50/50 split)

- National annuity (nationality, refundable in USA, Canada, and so on.) (Description 50/50)

* You can gather the aggregate sum of both the commitment to the school and the worker's offer

- 20 days paid excursion + occasions + extra paid leave contingent upon the annuity

- extra two days of paid leave

- Four days debilitated leave.

- Accommodation is given (whenever required)

- Reward for rejection after end of one year contract


1 year (contracts can be refreshed or refreshed after the test).

Begin date: August 2019

5. Apply (send email)

fundamental :

- CV has been refreshed with photographs.

- Self presentation and two references.

- Copy of international ID or outsider's card

- A short paper clarifying your way of thinking of Christian instruction.


- Study test.

- Copy of educator's declaration


Send an Email to: and

Telephone: 82-31-971-2731 ~ 2

FAX: 82-31-971-2706

Site URL:

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