Global Vision Community School (GVCS) was built on 2003 in South Korea, and currently needs ESL teachers

Global Vision Community School (GVCS) was built on 2003 in South Korea, and currently needs ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The affiliation's Global Education Mission (GEM) and Global Vision Community School (GVCS) are focused on instructing future world pioneers who will advance the welfare of every single individual and achieve world harmony. .

The Global Vision Community School (GVCS) is enlisted with the Christian Schools Association (ACSI), which was built up in 2003. GVCS is remarkable contrasted with the US auxiliary and tertiary training frameworks and Korean open and non-public school frameworks. It depends on President's instructive arrangement.

Grounds: Umumon

title :

1) English - writing, news coverage, correspondence

2) Mathematics - arithmetic, geometry, past calculation measurements

3) History - Business History (USA, World)

4) Science - Biology, General Science

Grounds: Mungyeong

title :

1) English - writing, news coverage, correspondence

2) General Science - Biology, Physics

3) History - Geography, History

Grounds: Sejong

title :

1) ELA - writing, news coverage, correspondence (pre-school instruction first)

Capability :

1) A Christian who is carrying on with a real existence of confidence. An unknown Christian organization

2) Minimum degree

3) An individual who takes a minister's mentality toward training.

4) Those with majors or instruction capabilities (above all else)

5) The school preferences individuals who can instruct as indicated by American educational program.

6) The school offers outside instructors and schoolchildren.

Check of reports

1) Educational program (GVCS design)

2) Preselection (GVCS group)

3) Continue

4) Diploma

5) Warrior

6) Conference video cut (for 10-15 minutes)

* If you need a GVCS structure, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us at

*** The above records will be sent and handling will begin.


1) Salary: 2.5 million won for each month

When another agreement is marked you will get an uncommon reward (subject to strategy).

2) Ticket charge, moving costs (by school guidelines) [Round trip]

3) A get-away of 11 days out of every year is paid.

(Summer get-away and winter excursion have 5 days research consent).

4) Accommodation

5) Lunch (during night work)

6) Fired pay

Application Procedure

1) Projection of archives

2) Interview

3) Acceptance Declaration

** During the meeting, you have to set up a demo.

Apply Now

1) Telephone: + 82-70-4422-7303: Young Park

2) E-mail:

3) Duration: Immediately

4) Start date: You can record begin date after meeting.

5) School mail address:

- Monson Campus: Namseon County, South Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea 406-9.

- Mungyeong Campus: 366 Myeong-dong, Yongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

- Sejong Campus: Sejong City, Korea Doum 1-ro 106

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