T-IME Education, Korea’s first educational enterprise is seeking for ESL teachers - ELAN SCHOOL in Mokdong, Seoul

T-IME Education, Korea’s first educational enterprise is seeking for ESL teachers - ELAN SCHOOL in Mokdong, Seoul

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2020

T-IME Education is at present utilized by ELAN SCHOOL in Mokdong, Seoul, South Korea.

T-IME Education, Korea's first training organization, has set up itself as Korea's driving instruction foundation organization from Seoul to Busan, Gyeongnam, and has moved from the activity of instructive establishments to the direct of distributing exercises. Line Our instructive program doesn't give a rundown of objectives that understudies need to accomplish, yet gives an approach to accomplish their own objectives.


Elan's instructive way of thinking isn't the object of contemplating English, however an apparatus. Understudies read scholarly works written in English and build up their inventiveness through conversations and introductions to discover English words and articulations they didn't know previously. Notwithstanding experimentation, confronted with an assortment of sound and visual materials, they find out about English logical ideas practically identical to course books.


It would be ideal if you check the accompanying subtleties for local occupations.

area :

• Location-Herdsman

• Start date-March 2

• Opening hours: Monday to Friday

• One hour lunch from 9am to 6pm.

160 hours of work for each month

107 exercises for each month

• Plan and direct exercise plans and class exercises.

• Develop instructive projects and materials.

• Write and rate understudy audits

• Work intimately with educators to guarantee a protected and agreeable workplace.


local speaker

Most reduced BA in authorize four-year college

Presently, the candidate's E2 visa is Korea. All reports vital for visa handling abroad (check the ark of the official record and the national record of the ark duplicate)

You have to work with sound and little youngsters.


• Salary: 2,500,000 ~ 2,70,000 won for each month

• Free home rental-strolling good ways from school

• 10 days get-away

• infection, annuities and pay benefits.

• Return cost

Intrigued candidates should email their present resume.

Much obliged to you, we might want to converse with you soon.

Contact Information:

Ed Kim
RDI Worldwide
010 5494 1972

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