Seoul International Christian Academy, located in Seoul, Korea is a classical Christian school and needs ESL teachers

Seoul International Christian Academy, located in Seoul, Korea is a classical Christian school and needs ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 27, 2020

About SICA (Seoul International Christian Academy)

The Seoul International Christian Academy (SICA) in Seoul, South Korea, is a great Christian school, searching for qualified and experienced instructors from 2020 to 2021. Candidates who can comprehend and play out the qualities of old style Christian training come first. For more data, it would be ideal if you visit

Selecting occupations

- English Kindergarten + Assistant Teacher Level 1

- primary School instructor

- Elementary teachers (low maintenance or full time)


1. A four year college education or higher in instruction at a licensed school or college.

2. Endorsement of instruction substantial in English-talking nations, for example, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

3. In any event a couple of long periods of related instructive involvement with school. There is no estuary or 1 instructor (in the event that you don't have a lot of understanding as an educator, you can apply as an understudy).

4. Extraordinary Christian good example.

5. Familiar penmanship and conversational English. (Korean bilingual is a reward)

6. Magnificent introduction aptitudes, relational abilities, and relational aptitudes.

7. Authentication of capability to work in Korea.

Status and focal points

- Salary: It relies upon your experience and your reference

- Standard national protection and benefits for severance pay (all day)

- two months paid get-away


1. Acknowledge great Christian way of thinking training to apply, guide and guide understudies in the educational plan.

2. Effectively connect with different educators in auditing and creating courses that approve exemplary extraordinary Christian training programs

3. Actualize evaluations that precisely measure understudy advance and give proof that impacts the dynamic procedure.

4. Consistently screen learning in the homeroom and roll out fitting improvements to the class and reason.

5. Include understudies and guardians in understudy learning through regular and significant correspondence. Keep up an open mentality and a craving for correspondence.

6. Precisely record understudy progress and every day participation in the school the board framework.

7. Plan and keep up a Christ-focused instructive condition.

8. Actualize compelling Christ-focused field/study hall the executives programs that advance understudy learning.

9. Collaboration with different educators and staff in school occasions, field outings and exercises.

10. Improve your learning experience by participating in important exercises outside the homeroom (eg arranging extracurricular exercises, arranging extracurricular exercises, and so forth.).

11. Perform errands identified with unique undertakings varying.

12. Stay up with the latest on patterns in encouraging points practice to reflect exemplary Christian training.

13. Take part in proficient learning.

14. Models of good Christian conduct and expert morals.

For more data about the Classic Christian School, see

How to apply?

Stage 1: send the necessary reports to

- Self-presentation, resume, and short exposition clarifying your convictions

- 2 references: one from the most recent chief or manager and the other the minister.

Stage 2: Interview + 20 minutes demo exercise: (If the competitor doesn't direct a meeting locally, you can change the recorded demo exercise.)

Start date: August 2020

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 am. 5pm

To apply, it would be ideal if you email

Contact Information:

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