Handong Global University, located in Pohang, South Korea, invites applications for professors of English

Handong Global University, located in Pohang, South Korea, invites applications for professors of English

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020

The HANDONG GLOBAL UNIVERSITY (H.G.U) Faculty of Language Education (DLE) in Pohang, South Korea welcomes candidates for English as an unknown dialect instructor from the fall semester of 2020.

Competitors have four positions working in the language part devoted to the advancement and conveyance of top notch English language instruction programs. The job of instruction right now coordinated effort with partners. This job is practiced by a more extensive, progressively devoted exertion to follow Jesus and his lessons, as comprehended by the customary Bible.

Educators are first employed under a one-year contract under H.G.U. Managerial position to expand the agreement.

Because of time limitations, the cutoff time for applications is Friday, April 24 at 6pm. Applications got after the cutoff time are presumably not considered.

Encourage a normal of 15 class credit hours for each semester (30 class credit hours out of every year). Stays during customary business hours. Effectively take an interest in week after week board of trustees and division gatherings.

Understudy level test support varying.

The spring and pre-winter semester endures four months. Educators must be nearby two weeks before the beginning of the semester to take part in school withdraws held before the beginning of every semester. Instructors are required to encourage escalated credit courses for the initial three weeks of the year (summer or winter get-away) on solicitation, and H.G.U. Extra time recompense.

DLE educators show scholastic English mostly during the day Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday. Wednesday is basically a gathering of the instructor's sanctuary office and a trade with understudies.

Pay: Master's up-and-comers with over 3 years of school instruction experience after graduation start with a yearly pay of 35,964,000 won (counting annuity commitments) and increment with each preparation experience every year.

Grounds style loft half outfitted condo (if accessible). Contingent upon the kind of living space, month to month upkeep and extra expenses are the duty of the educator and are deducted from compensation.

Paid get-away (normal two months in summer and winter)

Medical coverage made

Benefits program

Discount of ticket and introduction of movement reports as indicated by the accompanying scale

essential :

local speaker. As per the approach of the Korean government, just inhabitants of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa are perceived as local speakers (identification confirmation is required.)

Graduate degree and more than 3 years of experience as a college instructor. Applicants with a graduate degree in TESOL or Applied Linguistics will win. Qualified doctoral understudies get the best thought.

Develop Christian confidence in the acknowledgment of conventional scriptural truth.

The accompanying ought to be messaged to DLE Director Alex Banks. Banksa@handong.edu

• Motivation letter.

• Curriculum Vitae (Age, conjugal status, contact data, school posting procedure and confirmation of nationality by duplicate of the visa page of life span)

• Statement of Faith (this may incorporate a clarification of the candidate's very own relationship with Jesus Christ and how the candidate's confidence influences their instructive practice)

Application cutoff time: Friday, April 24, 2020 at 6pm (application records showing up after the cutoff time are most likely not considered)

Alex Bank

Contact Email Address: banksa@handong.edu

+82 010 5597 4058/+82 54 260 1496 (business hours)/+82 54 260 1623 (bankrupt hours)

DLE supervisor telephone: +82 54 260 1338

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