Woosong University in Korea is accepting applications from experienced and qualified ESL teaching candidates

Woosong University in Korea is accepting applications from experienced and qualified ESL teaching candidates

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2020

Since September 2020, Woosung University acknowledges applications from experienced and qualified applicants as follow-up colleague teachers for the EFL expression.

Necessities and capabilities

Just applicants who meet the accompanying criteria will be reached.

Meets the prerequisites of the E2 visa status in Korea (F and E1 visa holders can likewise apply).

Ace's (Education, English, TEFL or Linguistics first) and at any rate 2 years of attestable experience showing English in school

or then again

a. Ph. D. or then again Ed. D. (thought about understanding, yet not required).

Instruction involvement with the essential or optional level is worthy, yet should be gotten in the nation that gave the candidate's identification.

Chosen candidates total the National Health Examination.

Set of working responsibilities

Atypical Pathway Assistant Professor in the General English Program (GEL) *

Showing different EFL classes with or without credit

Twenty hours of guidance for each week likewise take four hours per seven day stretch of available time and two hours of every other week proficient improvement (composed by the college).

Classes are held Monday through Friday in the first part of the day, evening and night.

* Bilingual (Korean and English) GEL instructors with interpretation and understanding can perform managerial undertakings.


2,700,000 ~ 3,500,000 Koreans for each month


Once reward for all educators in the principal year (300,000 won in the primary month, 700,000 won after agreement).

Every year, an extra compensation of as long as one month is paid relying upon the consequences of the educator's evaluations. This is paid as a little something extra when marking contracts following two years.

A month and a half of paid leave every year.

Fundamental Insurance: National Health Insurance.

Individual benefits (month to month commitment: about 8% of pay).

New mentoring program for every single new instructor.

In Woosung Kindergarten, the youngster instructor's staff markdown is 40% off.


Since singular educators get a significant sponsorship * of 400,000 won for each month, you can lease isolated, outfitted lofts close to the Uson grounds (subject to accessibility in the main year as it were).

Hitched instructors get a significant sponsorship * of 500,000 won for every month. On the off chance that two instructors are hitched and both are working in Woosung, they get a significant appropriation * of 400,000 won every month. Woosung doesn't have a marriage or a couple's loft.

* Housing stipend is excluded. Woosung doesn't give rewards or store advances to representatives. The living recompense is added to the instructor's essential pay.


A one-year contract that begins on September 1 and can be expanded if execution is palatable.

The two projects are educated in English as it were.

Application process

First assessment: Email the accompanying to Woosong Recruitment Committee (hiring@wsu.ac.kr).

Continues and introductory letters;

Quest for bachelor's, ace's and doctorate degrees.

Work authentication filter (business affirmation); y

Output of visa photograph/data and mark page.

In the event that you have a Korean ARC, if it's not too much trouble send examined pictures of the front and rears. Ensure your identification is agreed upon.

In the event that you are going after a position offer, if it's not too much trouble present the accompanying records.

All candidates

Best certificate messenger picture.

Confirmation of ark's records of wrongdoings in the nation of inception.

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