We have over ten years of experience connecting ESL teachers with schools in Korea, and need more teachers

We have over ten years of experience connecting ESL teachers with schools in Korea, and need more teachers

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Motivations to get a new line of work in the Seoul ESL course (ESL Consulting):

- Since 2005, we have over 10 years of experience interfacing Korean educators and schools.

- Our experience keeps up a system of regarded open/tuition based schools in Korea. School assessments are for the most part dependent on criticism from educators who really worked at this school.

- We are working with open and tuition based schools and are connected to EPIK and GEPIK programs as legitimate selection representatives.

- We are occupied with a few professions consistently, including spring/day camp employments or school occupations.

General necessities:

- Bachelor certificate forte

- English as a local language

- Citizens of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

- EPIK requires 100 hours of TEFL confirmation. This is additionally an extraordinary preferred position when applied to tuition based schools.

General points of interest:

- flight

- Payment of individual condo or lodging recompenses

- multi month pay for contract satisfaction

- Pension and medical coverage.

- Paid get-away from 10 days to 18 years + Korean occasions

General data for tuition based schools:

- Location: All of Korea

- Start Date: All year

- Education age gathering: Elementary school understudies

- Salary: 2 million ~ 3.1 million won/month

- Holidays: around 10 days and occasions (around 9 to 14 days of the year)

- Working hours: Depends on the school

General data educated in state funded schools through the EPIK program:

- Location: All of Korea

- Start date: August, September, October. 2020

- Education age gathering: primary school, middle school, secondary school understudies

- Salary: 2.0 ~ 270 million won for each month

- Vacation: around 18 days, open occasions (around 9 to 14 days out of each year)

- Working hours: 9 am-5 pm

- Furniture living condition

- Benefits: Retirement stipend, annuity (half), medical coverage

Ticket (extra charge)

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