Sahmyook is a private elementary school in Korea and employs 14 foreign teachers - We need more ESL teachers

Sahmyook is a private elementary school in Korea and employs 14 foreign teachers - We need more ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Direction accessible: 1 instructor

Substance of the agreement: September 1, 2020-February 28, 2021 or February 2022

School: Daejeon Samyoku Elementary School

Area: Daejeon Doma-Dong

Pay and advantages: 2.3 million, annuities, severance pay (more than a year just) Life flight (more than a year just) and increment in execution related preparing

Occasion: 5 weeks per year

Working hours: 8:00 a.m. 4:15 AM

Exercise time every week: 26 (brief exercises)

Visa status: E-2 arrangement F (see "Capability" for subtleties)


① Applicants must present endeavors, endeavors and dynamic preparing strategies.

② Applicants must be residents of one of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa. Additionally, candidate's local language must be in English.

③ Applicants are required to get a four year college education from an accreditation organization.

The individuals who have a single guy of training, TESOL/TEFL/Celtic accreditation, more than 120 hours, a state instructor affirmation or a Canadian state educator confirmation will outweigh everything else.

Abschluss candidate's degree must be authenticated and confirmed by the Korean Consulate.

Apost candidates must be confirmed with national criminal records (Australia - AFP, Canada - RCMP Ireland-Garda CRC, New Zealand - NZ CRC UK - DBS USA - FBI, South Africa - PCC and SAQA ensured) on the Ark.

⑥ Applicants are answerable for all costs identified with the application procedure.

Examination process

Stage 1: Send your present resume and current photograph to and

Stage 2: individual meeting

Meetings with the head, executives, and organization are planned.

Local candidates might be welcome to individual meetings. Outside candidates

You were welcome to a Skype meet.

Stage 3: required archives

- ARC duplicate (for Korea)

- Copy of legitimate identification

- Certificate of clinical assessment (counting drug testing) for enrollment

- Apostille stamp national criminal record confirmation (SEE capability ⑤)

- Notarized testament

- Record fixed brushes

- Copies of all preparation testaments (TESOL, and so on.)

- Signed structure with the accompanying data (gave by the school):

① Not sentenced for a sexual wrongdoing

② have not been sentenced for youngster misuse

Data about our school and enlistment process.

14 outside educators are recruited at Samyoku Private Elementary School. Every single qualified candidate can apply. Qualified and/or experienced educators come first. It is our director's attentiveness to decide the best contender for instructing in our school. The board's choice is private and last. It would be ideal if you email us for more data.

F.T.O. supervisor

Grace Kong (

F.T.O. Primary instructor

Gabrielle Mitchell and Jason Trepanier

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