ESL VivaCom is a licensed recruiting agency in Korea, and is looking for ESL teachers - We have excellent reputation

ESL VivaCom is a licensed recruiting agency in Korea, and is looking for ESL teachers - We have excellent reputation

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hi ESL educators!

ESL VivaCom is a certify ability dispatching organization in Korea. We have been selected for over 10 years and are exceptionally appraised among educators who have been instructed the nation over. We might want to assist you with finding a fitting ESL concentrate in Korea. Do one of the accompanying:

(1) Send your resume and photographs to

(2) Send a solicitation to the site It causes us to know you and your needs explicitly. This will assist you with finding the correct area for you.

* Submitting an application (No. 2) is more suitable to survey capabilities and necessities than presenting a resume and photograph (No. 1).

Much obliged to you,

Dave Shin

Director of VivaCom Recruiting Agency - Korea

Contact Email Address:

Kakao Talk ID: vivacom1

Mobile phone number: +82-10-7189-2071 or +82-10-2215-2071

Website url: (founded in 2011)

School 1: Immediately/Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do/Korean or GYOPO/1:1 Education/Elem to Midd

= Location: Hanam City (Misa Riverside de Ero 226), Gyeonggi-do

= Education level: Elementary and middle school understudies (basically grade school understudies)

= Number of Classes: 1: 1 exercise

- This kind of class is more agreeable for different understudies than different classes.

= Curriculum and course books are given.

= Teacher capability required

- Korean, Filipino, Kyopo.

- You don't have to win a 3-year or 4-year four year certification, however you should demonstrate that you have learned at college for in any event 2 years.

- No compelling reason to communicate in English easily. Be that as it may, you can show fundamental language.

= Yearly occasion: around 6 days

= Working hours (Monday to Friday): 1 PM or 2 PM 7 PM or 8 PM

= Lessons every week: as long as 30 hours

= Salary: 170~190 million won (debatable)

= No different advantages are given, for example,

- Home, severance pay, medical coverage, benefits, ETC.

= Task start date: at the earliest opportunity (fairly adaptable)

School 2: Gumi, Gyeongbuk/Hi Pay/Kindy to Elem/F Visa: OK/July or August.

= Location: Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

- Gumi's site: http:/

- About 30 minutes by transport from Daegu. /About an hour from Busan via train or transport.

= Founded in 2011/stable/efficient

= Education level: From kindergarten to grade school understudies

= Working time:

- Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:00 am-6:40 pm (lunch, exercise readiness, and so forth.)

- Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am to 7:30 pm (noon, class readiness, and so forth.)

= Public occasions, Saturday and Sunday: without work

= Lessons every week: 30 hours

= Yearly occasion: 10 days

= Number of remote educators as of now working in this school: 7

= Teacher capabilities are required.

- F visa (F4 or F6) additionally accessible

= Complement:

- Salary and retirement recompense: at any rate 2.4 million won or 2.6 million won (debatable)

(The normal pay of outside instructors who have never trained English in Korea is 2 million to 2.1 million won)

- Tourist administrations, lodging, medical coverage (half), benefits (half) are given. (Numerous different schools offer single direction tickets.)

= Franchise. In this manner, we give exercise plans and course books.

= Start date of work: Early July to early August 2020

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