Advantage English in Japan is accepting applications for two native, full-time English instructor positions

Advantage English in Japan is accepting applications for two native, full-time English instructor positions

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, August 29, 2019

Country of Job Position: Japan

Preferred position

Advantage English was established in Nagoya in 1996 and is applying for the workplace of two full-time English instructors in Nagoya, Japan, from January to March 2020. (In the event that you are keen on solid start dates, show it in the letter).

Candidates must be acquainted with all ages and have the capacity and want to think about before the camera or to instruct or educate on the web. (In the event that you have a four year certification without experience and are a local speaker, if it's not too much trouble apply.However, the accompanying pay ranges from $ 240,000 to $ 260,000 relying upon meetings and instructive capabilities obtained. CELTA holders are genuinely considered.) If you have any understanding of deferring discourses, you should likewise present an application.

Pay rates reflect both educating and learning abilities. Preparing is led paying little heed to involvement.

support :

Favorable position English backers. One year contract is a standard contract and can be broadened. All candidates must be local speakers with a four year college education or higher.


260,000-290,000 + rounds for every month (by capability and experience) reached 28 hours out of each week. Ensured pay depends on obvious experience and ESL capabilities. Gauge rates will be informed to candidates just on the off chance that they have been reached for checking and meetings Negotiate for cutting edge qualified candidate plans, plan pay rates. A meeting is fundamental to survey and evaluate the capacities and potential qualities ​​of every applicant in the organization. Veteran Advantage Teachers are remunerated intermittently for more work routines and raises. Each new educator has a multi month trial. Meanwhile, instructors must demonstrate that they are obtaining merit English educating strategies.

occasion :

Educators are free on Sundays and Mondays. All occasions are paid. Bit of leeway English follows the guidelines and guidelines of the National Employment Service for Paid Leave. Unpaid leave is conceivable following a half year.

class :

The program ranges from infants to grown-ups, one with the Garden metro, only a couple of minutes from the train station, base camp, Hoshigaoka, Fujigaoka on the web and on the web. Transportation costs are paid. The metro outing is short, at times a short ways from station to station.

Educators are relied upon to utilize demonstrated Talk Advantage strategies for kids and grown-ups. Most classes are little and have up to five understudies. For grown-ups, content is just permitted in specific circumstances. Youngsters utilize Let's Go as the kid's fundamental content. With the preparation gave, experienced Advantage® English educators have the certainty and capacity to instruct textlessly anyplace on the planet just by getting to various future chances and utilizing the Advantage technique. The preferred position requires an instructor coach.

individual :

We have numerous instructors left each year. We remunerate everybody reasonably. Our turnover is under 2%, and the greater part of our educators feel they need to sign an agreement and stay in the organization. Most workers practice self-administration and cling to elevated expectations. We have developing business and research openings. There are likewise open doors for organizations that figure out how to communicate in Japanese well. The staff is offset with American, Canadian and British ladies and men.

It would be ideal if you send the accompanying prerequisites.

1. Resume including citizenship

2. Current picture

Third international ID photograph

4. A suggestion or reference list that contains current contact data

5. A picture of a current ESL endorsement.

6. An introductory letter clarifying why you want to show valid statements, make instructional recordings, and educate on the web.

7. Skype ID


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