Arun Language Training & Recruitment is now recruiting graduates of any discipline to teach English in Taiwan

Arun Language Training & Recruitment is now recruiting graduates of any discipline to teach English in Taiwan

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

Arun Language Teaching and Recruitment Teaching English at Taiwanese schools and enrolling moves on from all fields. It is booked to begin in July 2020. Other month to month begins are August, September and October 2020.

Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Keelung, Pingtung and numerous different spots.

Possibility for these students must be residents of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland to acquire a work visa in Taiwan.

The beginning date is July 2020 (travel limitations). The beginning date is planned for July, August and September 2020.


U.S. Four year certification or Associate Degree

EE partner degree applicants must have a US TEFL testament.

Those with a four year certification needn't bother with a TEFL authentication.

Candidates must have the option to introduce the first testament.

Applicants ought to have the option to get a perfect national criminal record check.

The school is searching for eager and dynamic ability with genuine love for kids and work.

Applicants ought to be adaptable to work with offspring all things considered.

Class hours are Monday to Saturday.

Saturdays require classes.

A few schools are 5 days every week, others are 6 days per week.

Compensation and advantages:

New educators can begin working inside half a month at the meeting and the school is sorting out living arrangement allows in Taiwan. There are opportunities all through the island. Passage to Taiwan doesn't require narrative accreditation before appearance.

Time-based compensations run from $ 620 to $ 660 every hour, contingent upon past instructive capabilities.

NT Ceiling $ 750 ~ $ 800 every hour

Educate grant

NT is $ 3,000 every month for preliminary work in the class. Models: gatherings, preparing, class readiness, and so on.

1 year contract restoration reward.

Representative dependability is a significant need. The reason for this bond is to urge instructors to remain for over two years. (The agreement time frame is 1 year)

NT $ 10,000 will be paid for the sixth month of the subsequent agreement

NT $ 15,000 toward the finish of two years.

Estimated month to month pay as per working hours

20 hours out of every week = 49,880 Taiwan dollars for each month (around 1,333 pounds/$ 1,660)

25 hours out of every week = 62,350 Taiwan dollars for each month (roughly 1,667 pounds/$ 2080)

30 hours every week = 74,820 Taiwan dollars for each month (around 2,000 pounds/2,500 dollars)

> Warranty time: at any rate 20 assurances for each week (normal 26 every week)

> Education gave 10 days before work begins: Accommodation and suppers are given during the preparation program

> Find and bolster facilities accessible to discretionary intrigue free home loans

> Full visa support by work force group

> Free TEFL accreditation

> Full work grant and home grant

> National Health Insurance

> Mandarin Course

Starts from July 2020 (if travel limitations are permitted) and opens all the next months consistently. Pick the month that is best for you.

To apply, if it's not too much trouble email your resume to and determine "Taiwan" in the application.

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Take a gander at the photographs of the instructors that are being discharged on Instagram: arun_recruitment

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