Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is a prestigious Chinese university, and needs English instructors

Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is a prestigious Chinese university, and needs English instructors

Date of Job Posted: Friday, August 30, 2019

position :

English teacher, E PLUS English

About Us :

Beijing Foreign Language University (BFSU)

Beijing Foreign Language University (BFSU) is an esteemed Chinese college under the immediate direction of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is probably the best college in China incorporated into Project 985 and Project 211. The two colleges are perhaps the best college in China. BFSU is one of the most seasoned language colleges in China, established in 1941. Shows most dialects ​​(August-98, 2018), offers classes at different degrees of unknown dialects ​​and writing, Chinese writing, news coverage and correspondence, political theory, law, business science, designing. In excess of 400 envoys working in the State Department are BFSU graduates. 'Language instruction' and 'internationalization' structure the center of BFSU.


Established by Beijing Foreign Language University in 1979, the Foreign Language Research and Education Publication (FLTRP) possesses the third, being the biggest unknown dialect distributer and biggest college under strain in China. Set between Chinese distributers. Our productions go from scholastic and instructive attempts to the humanities, sociologies, normal sciences, and monstrous perusing youngsters' books.

E PLUS English for Education from Kindergarten to High School

Established by Beijing Foreign Language University and Foreign Language Research and Education Press (FLTRP) in July 2010, E PLUS English is one of the major instructive projects under the immediate administration of BFSU International. As the "Confided in Leader of Chinese International Education Provider K-12", understudies matured 4-18 must be set up to adapt to the social condition from a national and worldwide point of view. Three accomplishments (known as three columns), including language training, scholarly improvement, and social abilities As of July 2019, E PLUS English has set up 50 bases in 17 urban communities in China, 27 of which are Beijing and they have in excess of 35,000 We are contracting understudies.

III. Expected set of responsibilities

Consistence with commonly concurred work plans.

Calendar classes each day, assess understudies and speak with watchmen and staff if important.

Take an interest in different occasions, for example, General instructor training, and so on.


Local speaker (requires a work visa);

Age: 22-45 years of age is liked.

Four year college education or higher;

Enthusiasm for instructing kids;

Prepared to take a shot at the end of the week

Wages and Benefits

Legitimate work visa;

Month to month base compensation of duty 15,000 yuan.

Transportation and living expenses: around 500 yuan for every month in assessment.

Lodging remittance of 4,500 won for each month.

Free trip to Beijing and get up at landing air terminal.

Flight assignment: 5,000 yen charge after the part of the bargain.

10 days of paid excursion and get-away in China.

After-charge bolster advance direction of 5000 yen and free evenings during installment.

Newborn child additional time and educational cost stipend rewards;

Medical coverage, cooperation exercises, bilingual training/life instructing;

Professional direction and professional preparing.

Contact :

How would I apply?

Send your resume to Yoyo's email address at:

Telephone: 86-10-6840-5933

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