We, Echo Education, are a professional institute in Hangzhou, China, and are looking for ESL teachers

We, Echo Education, are a professional institute in Hangzhou, China, and are looking for ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Our Echo Education, built up in 2007, is a specific establishment in China Hangzhou, which is perceived by the Chinese government for legitimately working in China and recruiting outside instructors dispatched over the landmass. Up until this point, we have been fruitful in sending many instructors to another country across China.

1) School data:

● School area: Hangzhou, Suzhou, different urban areas in China

● Number of instructors required: 100

● Contract period: 1 year or 2 years.

● Class: 20 hours of the week Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday (

● Lesson: 30 to 40 minutes.

● Class size: 30-40 understudies.

● Student Age: 3-12 years of age

2) Working bundle:

● Sincere direction involvement with China

● Salary: 12,000 ~ 17000

● Residential or free living remittances relying upon the area of the school.

● 24 hours every day, 365 days per year in China

● Learning Chinese

● Flight distribution 6000rmb (paid toward the finish of the agreement)

● Free clinical assessment.

● Health protection: Can be utilized during the agreement time frame.

● Provision of lawful work visa

● Apply for a lawful visa for the going with family members

● Free declaration and living arrangement grant for outside specialists.

● Public occasions in China were paid

● Holidays: 2 days per week.

● Getting started help (financial balance, cell phone, and so forth.)

● It is working admirably

● Continuous instruction

● True open doors for progress

● Exciting crucial

● Excellent turn of events

● An energizing test opportunity.

● Employment security

● Fun with associates

● 24 hours hotline administration.

3) Working prerequisites:

● Bachelor's qualification or higher (required)

● Delete criminal records.

● Team players with magnificent relational abilities.

4) Documents required for the application:


2. Individual Information Request Form

3. To erase visa photographs

4. Shading sweep of visa data

5. Shading duplicate of authentication of fulfillment and accreditation

6. Duplicate shade of nationality and confirmed wrongdoing records

7. TEFL authentication shading duplicate

8. The name of the closest Chinese international safe haven to acquire a Z visa.

Contact Information:

Echo Education < hrmanager10@echoteachers.com >

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