Looking for some motivated and enthusiastic English Teachers to come and work for our school in South Korea

Looking for some motivated and enthusiastic English Teachers to come and work for our school in South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2019


English as a first language

- Keep a legitimate US international ID USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

- At least one four year college education from one of the referenced nations.

- At the Korean department, have a perfect, open criminal record with Apostille or affirmed (contingent upon the nation)


1. Begin Date: without a moment's delay. April 2019

Contract: 1 year

3. Area: 935 Poong Am Dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju Metropolis, Korea

4. Installment: from 2.4M to 2.7M every month (contingent upon the working time)

5. Class: Monday to Friday

6. Working hours: 9 am to 6 pm (or 7 pm: extra time)

7. Period of understudy: Between 4 and 15 years of age.

8. Class estimate: 1 class to 12 understudies

9. Occasions: 10 days of paid leave (counting 4-5 days of school occasions) + Korean occasions, 3 days of ailment

10. Convenience: Furnished Accommodation - Single Room

Different conditions: Departure

National benefits: contributed half.

Medical coverage: half.

Expulsion Compensation: Yes (one month's installment)

14. Lunch: We offer free snacks in Korea.

【Required Documents】

1. Resume with self-presentation (counting contact, training/business, picture, reference)

2. Current picture (3 x 4 cm, 3-4 duplicates).

Duplicate of Diploma with Ark (authentication of Canadian subjects)

The first government criminal record survey (a legally approved duplicate of the RCMP for fingerprinting for Canadian residents) inside a half year of the occurrence,

5. Your restorative consideration structure.

Duplicate of Passport No. 6

A presentation video cut (if accessible)

8. In the event that you live/work in Korea: a duplicate of your Alien Registration Card (front and back), a mark of your abdication from your manager, and a duplicate of the records you have recently submitted to the ROKA.

Hey! I am Aemily Yang from Sevoon English Academy LIVE in Gwangju, Korea. We are at present searching for an inspired and energetic English educator to go to our school. Our school is the fifth biggest city in Korea. Gwangju is celebrated for its way of life, history, workmanship and food. There are numerous outsiders, and there is a great deal of amusing to find. Visit the various workmanship exhibitions in the city Take a walk around the clamoring downtown area and have some espresso while shopping and play a round of baseball to see a standout amongst the best groups in Korea. Guangzhou) or walk around the wonderful Mudeung National Park.

We are a standout amongst the best foundations in the city and one of the biggest institutes with in excess of 200 understudies. The school offers two projects. It is a fundamental program that urges understudies to learn English just as the English Kindergarten program which gets ready kids from 5 to 7 years for state funded schools. This program is found out from different structures however they are next to each other. Kindergarten offers superb courses in an assortment of subjects that will offer you the chance to take an interest in creation and execution. Class estimate is medium, 3-12 understudies. This will offer you the chance to fabricate a decent association with your understudies and give the best learning background to each class. There is additionally a decent workplace in school. They work with five other kind and open unknown dialect educators alongside the same number of other well disposed Korean instructors. In 2010, we made a classroom domain in every classroom with another working with PCs and present day offices. We have a brilliant supervisory group that can help you a ton in taking care of issues.

The fundamental pay is 2.4 million. This incorporates convenience close to the school. For instance, you can arrange a higher pay with a higher capability, for example, a Masters qualification. Legally concurred working hours are between 9 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can generally get in touch with me on the off chance that you need to finish this fascinating piece or have any inquiries. I will help. We are sitting tight for your answer.

Telephone: +82 10 2627 9046

FAX: +82 62 655 0051

EMAIL address: missbigjl83@gmail.com (Aemily Yang)
Skype ID: yang.aemily

Address: 935 Poong Am Dong, SEOUL, Gwangju Metropolis, Korea

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