YFLA is located in Seogwipo city on the breathtaking southern coast of Jeju Island in Korea, and needs ESL teachers

YFLA is located in Seogwipo city on the breathtaking southern coast of Jeju Island in Korea, and needs ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

YFLA is situated in Seogwipo City on the lovely south shoreline of Jeju Island in Korea. It is one of the most regarded private foundations in Jeju. It was established in 1989. From that point forward it has made an incredible commitment to the network through English classes. One chief, Eun-seong and Jin-hicho, concentrated in the United States and lived for a long time. This is the means by which they comprehend the social contrasts between the West and Korea. They are additionally attempting to be successful inside and outside the compassion study hall for Western educators.

Air declaration

Yale University is a broadly settled non-public school situated in Seogwipo City. It has a long history and utilizes around 6 to 7 local speakers.

Yale University has amazing instructive principles, including study hall and online time. You have the opportunity to incorporate numerous assets and your own assets just as the educational plan you can instruct. Yale University advances smooth correspondence among Western and Korean delegates. Korean staff is committed to giving the essential help to English.

Yale University is an extraordinary foundation with a past filled with more than 20 years, so it's efficient about pay rates. Installment is reliable and exact and all extra time is naturally thought of. In this model, the agreement was kept up and the excusal recompense was paid. The agreement was reserved after the agreement.

Jeju Island is an extraordinary spot for nature darlings. The remote network is little yet tight. What Jeju Island needs night life is sea shores, climbing trails, camps, swimming and plunging.

By and large, working at Air Living in Jeju Island was a magnificent encounter. "


"The startling involvement with Korean estuaries and foundations has a ton of loathsomeness stories on the web. Yale isn't one of the estuary loathsomeness stories. Working at Yale was an excellent encounter for my significant other and me. It's huge (6-7) Because of the settled (which I believe is over 20 years of age) with two outside educators), installments never turned out badly, and flight and remuneration installments continued without issues, even additional time (whenever gained) was consequently relied on time without questions Mintak and Jinhee (2 supervisors) both communicate in English well indeed, and I felt they were exceptionally useful and helpful. In like manner, it's amusing to have the remainder of South Korea communicate in English capably and attempt their best to assist you with seducing together I like the excellent condition of Jeju Island, and I really made some great memories in Korea It was the individuals and the earth. "



* local speaker

* BA or higher

start date :

* July 1, 2020

* area


* 26 exercises for every week

learning :

* Elementary school, center school, grown-up school.

administration :

* Salary: 2.1 million to 2.3 million won (contingent upon experience and capabilities)

* Health protection and mishap protection: half of medical coverage premiums.

※ National Pension: half of the national benefits premium.

* Return expense

* Compensation paid after the finish of the year contract (equal to month to month pay).

* Summer excursion: 5 days on ends of the week.

* Winter excursion: 4 days on ends of the week.

* Free remain

* Established simple to-utilize educational program

* American taught proprietors of families attempting to adjust and comfort

* Regular introductions to improve the nature of English training for educators

First archive you need:

* references

* follow

* Passport landing page duplicate

Contact Us:

* Mintak Kim, Vice Director at Yale Foreign Language Academy

* Phone number: 82-64-733-9991

* Contact Email Address: alxckr@gmail.com

* Skype ID: mintak.kim

* Website url: http://jejuyale.com/en

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