Childrens Musical Company (GLITT Collegiate) was founded in 2002 in Korea, and needs Homeroom & Musical teachers

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Childrens Musical Company(GLITT Collegiate) was founded in 2002. We are dedicated to providing exceptional performance and educational content for children. Led by passionate teachers and staff, our educational program focuses on the child's happiness and joy meaning that they grow up to lead happy, fulfilled lives. We are looking for teachers who want to grow to the next level as teachers, thinking about creative curriculum.

Starting Date : May~September 2023

Website :

Qualification :

Bachelor's degree or higher.
Native English Speakers(E-2 or F visa)
Degree in Education or Theatre preferred
Two years of teaching experience preferred
Be friendly and have a positive attitude.

Working Conditions & Environment :

Working Time : Mon~Fri, 9am~6pm
Actual Teaching hours: Max 30 hours a week
Class Time : 10:00-2:50 kindergarten/3:30-5:50 Elementary
Student Ages : 4 to 9 years old students
Dongtan Facility
Yeongtong Facility
2021 Halloween

Benefits Included :

2.4-3.0 KRW per month salary, depending on experience and educational background.
Severance pay upon the completion of a year contract.
National health insurance and pension.
One-way airfare is provided(if coming from overseas)
Furnished housing or housing allowance.
Paid Korean holidays and 11days vacation(first year),15days(second Year)
Lunch is Provided for free.

How to apply : Please send the following information to

Full Name
Resume(with a photo)
Interview time Availability
Skype ID

Testimonials from current teachers : Currently, there are 20 native teachers working at our school.

Alice Youd from England

I am currently working at the Yeongtong branch from March, 2022. I have had a wonderful time teaching at this kindergarten over the past 5 months. The curriculum is clear and if there are any small issues, it is never too much for the Korean teachers/management staff to help you resolve it and it is always resolved quickly and efficiently. We also have an R&D manager which is great when it comes to curriculum. The Korean Co-teachers and the head of age groups are always on hand for help and are a great support to the English teachers. All teachers(Native and Korean) are professional and friendly and provide a great atmosphere to work in as well as the school being one building adding to this atmosphere as we are close whilst still having our own space to teach in.

Working hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday you generally teach 6/7 35minute classes per day with maximum 12 children in each class, you also teach 1.5hour elementary classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday. In subjects such as speaking you have freedom to create your own lesson plans which is great as you can add a sense of fun to the day, you can adapt to the children learning style as well as your teaching style.

The children also have musical teachers in singing, dance and acting. I think having these teachers is lovely for the children and much more progressional than having unqualified teachers teach these subjects, as well as musical teachers the school also has a gym teacher. Lastly, the school also has an on sight chef who provides free meals to all teaching staff, they are delicious meals too! I have been teaching for 5 years and I always look forward to going to work in this School.

Erin Elizabeth O'neill Bratt from USA(Dongtan Branch)

I would like to recommend that native teachers work at GLITT Collegiate (Children's musical company) So far my time at GLITT has been good! The curriculum has been well prepared and there is flexibility if it is needed to better accommodate the students. Class subjects are very fun and there is a good amount of variety to keep the kids interested and excited while also learning English. You have your own private classroom with a computer and plenty of space for organization as well as space for the kids to play. The class size is very manageable, with 12 being the maximum. Foreign Teachers and Korean co-teachers work very well together to make sure the students are well taken care of and that they are receiving the best care and education possible. The school facilities are very nice and there are a lot of different places to teach and let kids explore and play, including a dance room, an outdoor field, 2 libraries, a theater, a sandbox, and plenty of classrooms,

The working hours are from 9-6 with an hour for lunch which is provided by the school, as well as a good amount of prep time for classes. Homeroom teachers teach from 9:45am-2:50pm everyday, and after 3:00pm the schedule rotates weekly for after school special classes.

The staff here is nice and everyone is willing to help wherever needed, with classes at the same level working well together to help manage the subjects.

To apply, email

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